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Transfer and Embryo Update


After what can only be described as a disaster this morning I arrived at he clinic 2 hours after leaving home with a bursting bladder.

Clinic called me whilst stuck in traffic to give me update. Of the 9 fertilised, 5 were still clinging on and will be checked tomorrow to see if any of them reach blastocyst and will be frozen.

As for the other 4 we had one grade 4AA (top quality just about to hatch) one 3AA and two that look as if by today/tomorrow will reach a similar stage. I have to call tomorrow afternoon for an update.

My lining was checked, I get the feeling they thought my lining was going to have broken down when I said I'd had cramps after the crinone. My lining was still in 15mm region and my ovaries are still massive. My right ovary is tucked behind my uterus apparently which is causing the cramps in my back.

We've had one embryo transferred as they said with the two best ones the chances of twins were VV high.

I used my crinone after transfer and did my first clexane injection. OTD is 20th October which seems like no time at all.

Currently tucked up in bed with work laptop trying to concentrate but feel exhausted. I feel so grateful to have made it to this stage.

Final Acupuncture is booked for 6pm tonight :) x

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Hi MrsTM13. I think I would try and rest as much as you can for now, as you will be out again soon. Hope all ends well. Thinking of you as always. Diane

MrsTM13 in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks Diane x

What a morning you had but glad your embryo is back where it belongs. Lots of luck, hope your getting plenty of rest xx

MrsTM13 in reply to E_05

Thanks. I'm lying in bed with my dogs giving me cuddles whilst I'm half pretending to work. I feel a bit detached like it hasn't all happened ha! X

Lots of luck to you. Try and rest up as much as possible. I had my FET today with a 5 day blastocyst so test date is 22/10. Hope the accupuncture helps relax you later x

MrsTM13 in reply to Bumblebee15

Thanks. And good luck to you also. My clinic only do a urine test unless it comes back as faint positive.

I've been having acupuncture since before cycle began this time so hoping everything helps. X

Bumblebee15 in reply to MrsTM13

Thank you. I had accupuncture pre and post transfer today. It really helped me relax. Take care x

Amazing news have been thinking about you and hoping everything went as planned. Sounds like you will have some Frosties too ☺️ xx

MrsTM13 in reply to Katrina1986

Thanks. Such a huge relief after our last cycle. Even if it's just one. : ) x

Katrina1986 in reply to MrsTM13

Have everything crossed for you. We didn't have any make it to be frozen but I had two transferred. Am glad this cycle is better for you. Xx

MrsTM13 in reply to Katrina1986

When is your OTD? Chance of twins how exciting x

Katrina1986 in reply to MrsTM13

Next Thursday 18th. Yes they said there is a high chance. Did you find acupuncture helpful I looked in to but decided against it? X

MrsTM13 in reply to Katrina1986

Yeah I've used it before. It relaxes me and helps me sleep and by all accounts this time it has helped. My OTD is fri 20th. X

Glad everything went well in the end! Sounds like your lining was a good thickness too so hopefully they are getting nice and comfy in there. Best of luck for your call tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Xx 🍀🤞🏻

MrsTM13 in reply to Lou9

Thank you x

Wishing you all the very best and I hope you start to feel more comfortable soon. Sounds really promising re the ability to freeze some good quality embryos.

Good luck


Wishing you lots of luck, sounds like you have some really good quality embies there!!xx

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