Nausea Fluctuations

Has anyone else experienced nausea that sometimes comes in the morning, some days it’s in the evening, and if you’re really lucky it’s

The nausea also fluctuates in how bad it is at the various times. There really seems to be no consistency and I really don’t understand why? This probably bugs me more than anything, not understanding the logical side of the effects. Does anyone have any insight?

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  • It’s linked with your hormones. They’ll be out of balance if you’re getting nausea. I saw a homeopath who helped me. x

  • During pregnancy you mean? If so it’s absolutely normal, your body is continuously monitoring and making the hormones as needed and it’s this that they think causes the fluctuations xxx

  • Carrie, I looked at your profile and sure enough, you and I are just about in the same place! I'm feeling queasy all day too, and I'm seven weeks tomorrow. I haven't been sick, but the thought of going to my mother in law's for lunch in two hours makes me absolutely nauseous. I feel crummy all day every day, especially when I don't get enough sleep the night before. Been in bed all day so far...

    Don't have any words of advice, just sharing in your joy and pain. Hope you start to feel better soon! xx

  • Thank you. Did you feel up to going to lunch today? I’ve had a Christmas movie day on the sofa xx

  • What a lovely Sunday afternoon you had!

    I had to go so that she wouldn't be suspicious that something was up...she doesn't know I'm pregnant. I made my way through - as painful as it is to start eating and smell the food, I feel better once I've started eating :)

    Now struggling with the icky feeling keeping me awake...haha

  • Hi!

    I’m currently 6weeks 2days and I keep getting nauseas feelings. I don’t feel like I could be sick but it comes and goes like waves.

    In the morning I feel extremely hungry, by lunch time I feel I don’t want to eat at all and by the evening I’m hungry but I genuinely don’t fancy anything to eat!

    I think it’s pretty normal for this stage. How this helps x

  • Thank you, yes the hunger pangs come at various times, even 30 mins after I’ve eaten!

    Make sure you do eat though even when you don’t feel like it, crackers + cheese + grapes have helped me a lot xx

  • Yes I’m definitely trying to eat even if I don’t feel like it, like you say it’s hard though!

    Ohhh I’ll have to try that! Chips and cheese seems to be a winner for me haha xx

  • Our yd is still like this and she's 13+3 today, slightly less nauseas but she rarely has an appetite which is a complete unknown for her lol. She's been living on carbs little and often when she can face it, crackers, cheese, crumpets, salt and vinegar crisps, she's never had a sweet tooth but anything she did like makes her feel 🤢 now. Little, often and bland.

    Our eldest is 20+3 and lucky as she's not had any of this, funny how different it can be for people.

    Happy pregnancy xx

  • Thank you for your reply. I’m having a good day today, nausea only last this morning and had a little bit more of an appetite. One day at a time 😊

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