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Anybody any experience of Prostap/IVF Miscarriage/Wait for AF?

Hi All,

I did ask a question last week about how long is normal to wait for AF after IVF miscarriage, but i've just had a thought that it might not be coming, due to the prostap i had to have before my IVF cycle.

I had a 3 month prostap injection (to instigate early menopause, due to endometriosis) before IVF. It was successful - I had my first BFP, but then had an early miscarriage.

I am now nearly 7 weeks (day 46, when normal cycles are 29 days) past that and no signs of period returning yet. Do we think it might be due to the prostap?

I am keen to have my next prostap injection (that i need to have prior to my next IVF round), knowing that IVF is still 3 months away, after having had the injection - but i keep being told i need to wait for my next bleed before i can have it. Anyone any ideas when it might come/anybody any experience with prostap at all?

Thankyou x

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I had prostap for 3 months, I depo injection but it lasted 7 months in me. I’m quite small so it might have lasted longer for me.

Good luck with your next round, got my fingers crossed for u xx

I have endometriosis and have had 2 failed rounds. Do your doctors say endo reduces your odds? Mine don’t, just wondering if yours were advising the same. Thanks


Hi Penny,

Thanks for the reply. Sorry you've had 2 failed rounds. Are you going to try again?

My endo can't be removed due to being too near my bladder and therefore too high risk. They said it would have increased the odds if they could have removed it. And the prostap also increases the odds. But that nothing is impossible. And ivf did work for me. I saw my very first ever BFP. I think that is what is giving me hope for my second round, even if the odds aren't great.

I'm just eager to get it started, as I also have low AMH, so time is against me!

I hope you stay positive if you are trying again!


Thanks for replying

They could not remove all my endo due to the location either. We have our review appointment next week and then we can organise our next round xx


Good luck! Fingers crossed all goes well for you! Xx


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