Day 5 post ET

Hi Ladies, hope you’re well and have had a nice weekend. Just wanted to talk about how I’ve been feeling since the ET. I haven’t really had any symptoms, I’ve had occasional cramps and I had some bloating initially but that’s gone now. I haven’t had any spotting or bleeding but every time I feel any sort of action downstairs I dread it and worry that I’ve started to bleed! Today I found out that my close friend has also undergone IVF but didn’t tell me or any of our close group of friends (there’s 7 of us) - I found this odd as I’ve been very open about my treatment and thought she may have confided in me. She’s at the same clinic as me as well! Any way she’s 9 weeks pregnant which is amazing! However she said that she felt sick before she’d even done her pregnancy test, now I’m worrying as I’ve had nothing. Tbh I feel relatively normal bar the odd cramp or sharp pain!

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  • I think how you are feeling is normal. I only had afew cramps and twinges and went on to get a BFP! I think everyone is different. Fingers crossed for you and wishing you a BFP!😍

  • Hey sweetie, remember that everyone feels pregnancy symptoms different, some women get sick, others don't even realize they are pregnant, go easy on yourself, It's only 5 days past ET, relax yourself and let the implantation process be as easy as possible, funnily not every women get implantation bleed too!!! I got my implantation bleed 9/10 days past... however I did HPT on day 6 as I couldn't wait any longer...

    Relax loads, drink 100% pure juices. Keeping everything crossed for you. Xx

  • Hi, I agree with the others. Everyone gets different symptoms to each other. I believe on average morning sickness kicks in around the 6 week mark, but some get earlier and some don’t feel it at all. Same with implantation bleeding, some do and some don’t. I’ve had 2 BFPs (though one ended in a CP) and not had bleeding with either of them.

    In terms of your friend, people have different ways of handling it. Maybe she wanted the surprise for people finding out when it had worked more than she felt the need to talk about it?

    Hope the rest of your 2ww goes quickly. I hope you get your BFP.

  • The first time around with my IVF I told my closest friends and immediate family. I sooooo regret doing that because I felt like I had sooooo much pressure on me. This time around my husband and I told NO ONE and I feel more relaxed. Don’t get me wrong there have been times where I really wanted to talk to someone but I haven’t and I’m so glad. These forums come in handy when you want to vent 🤣🤣. So when I take my test on Wednesday only my husband and I will know the outcome.

  • Yeh that’s very true, I do think I’m a bit too open for my own good! People know where testing on Friday but obviously you have to test a week later! Don’t feel pressured but at the same time I don’t want a million questions about what was my result! Definitely my own worst enemy, is just hard because I am always honest and open in general! Anyway thanks ladies you’ve all made me feel reassured and also regarding my friend, totally agree that everyone deals with things differently, I suppose it just surprised me as we’ve had discussions about IVF xxx

  • I think it’s such a hard decision to make, my husband has a close group of friends they all grew up together but we decided not to tell any of them about our treatment. 1 of the other couples has had a baby through their first cycle of IVF, didn’t tell anyone during treatment but sure do let everyone know about it now. It’s tough though when you’ve been so open.

    As for symptoms I’d say try not to worry, plenty of women have none and all is fine. I personally know now having symptoms doesn’t really mean anything. Just keep doing what you are and relaxing when you can xx

  • Its so hard not to analyse every little twinge but just remember you have been through egg collection so things do feel a bit odd with the bloating and twinges and the progesterone doesnt help. Everyone is different, Ive been on here for ages and seen everything from lots of symptoms to no symptoms....doesnt stop us googling though!

    I was recently in a similar situation to you re your friend. I have now done 4 transfers and to begin with was quiet but after the first I have been quite open as I was starting to look weird avoiding nights out. One of my friends (I had just failed transfer) sent me a text of some chelsea buns in an oven, pretty insensitive really. She's a bit older than me so thought, "wow that's amazing, twins at 44" but as it settled in I thought "I wonder if she's had treatment". Whilst its none of my business Ive been told from people outside of my friend group that she indeed did have treatment so I must admit I was initially a bit put out.....Im not sure of why the big secret but not everyone likes people to know....I dont really see the big deal but hey that's up to them!

    Hang on in there the 2ww is tough but you're getting there!xx

  • Hi Chentele, I personally think there's no need for hiding away or be secretive about a fertility treatment. It's very natural process - just like any other ailment that requires clinical assistance. So, even if your friend chooses to be secretive about it it's simply wasn't necessary. Also, imagine if couples themselves would feel that way (IVF should be kept as secret) for IVF how are they supposed to deal with it later on. I'd say you did the right thing out there - acceptance begins with us. About your condition: don't worry not everyone gets pregnancy symptoms. No two pregnancies are same and symptoms may not even appear at all and yet you can have a healthy baby. For my twins, I had none till 12 weeks, not even implantation bleeding - even though I've had it all in my BFPs earlier. So, let's just assume you've got as much as a chance for success. Further, you can check some informative videos of embryo transfer online if that helps you to reassure. Just stay optimistic for now that helps a lot. Sending baby dust!

  • Hey hun I agree with everyone else I think how you are feeling is totally normal. I only had afew twinges too and went on to get a BFP! I think everyone is different. Fingers crossed for you and wishing you a BFP! X

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