EC ✅ - now having ICSI

Hello my fellow TTC friends, I hope you are all well!

Well we ended up getting 10 eggs ( more than we or the hospital expected) due to low AMH, some of my laid back follies grew 6-8mm in 1.5 days!!! Super chuffed. Hubby did the deed, but count was on the low side also low Volume so they have decided to do ICSI. His previous results have always been normal, but the pressure of having to produce in a hospital cannot of helped. Embryologist will call us in the next 1-2 hours to confirm how many she has managed to inject. Missing my eggies already.. fingers crossed for good outcome with fertilisation.xx

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  • Good news! We had Icsi too but we knew from the beginning that we would have that as my OH has normal count but low motility, we only had the 1 make it to blastocyst and none to freeze out of the 7 fertilised but Im keeping positive as you only need 1 to go the full way 😊 fingers crossed for good news later x

  • Hey Hun that's amazing to know :) wishing you all the best xx

  • That's good news KeeKee. Hope you are feeling well? Sending you all good wishes for fertilisation. Fingers crossed for good news. Take care xx

  • Hi KeeKee21. Just wanted to add my good wishes for fertilisation and embryo transfer. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane, your support is always appreciated. Currently on day 2 we have x3- 2 cells x2 4 cells & X1 5 cells, 2 of which are great quality. Not sure whether we are transferring Saturday or Monday, find out at 8am tomorrow. We are just happy we have reached this far!xx

  • Hi KeeKee21. All looking good so far. Fingers crossed you may have a couple to store frozen too! Fingers crossed for further development over the weekend. Diane

  • Wow Keekee that's amazing!!! Well done you!!! Keep us updated on how they all do x x x

  • Thanks momma bear, I think it's likely we will have 1 transferred tomorrow.x

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