Update on Embies & ET

Well, had a call yesterday to update us on our Embies. All 8 still going - 1 is behind with only 4 cells but the rest are at 7. They were happy to keep them for another 2 days & currently graded them at 2's & 3's. So happy that they are doing ok & will hopefully have some to freeze too.

Looking at transfer tomorrow - just waiting on a call today for the details.

I went out last night for the 1st time in 6 weeks! It felt so nice to sit in Starbucks & have a coffee with friends without checking my phone for the time or waiting for an alarm to go off signaling injection time! Felt like me again!

Have a good day & baby dust 🌌 xxxxx

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  • Aw, this is shaping up so well! I have everything crossed for you and hope the good news keeps coming xx

  • Thanks hun - cautiously optimistic........xx

  • That's great news Pumpkin! We had an update yesterday too and they told us that we had some fair and the others good but not what grades they were. No phone call today. I'm going in tomorrow for ET too. Excited but scared - the same way I've been feeling throughout. Good luck for tomorrow. Xxx

  • Good luck too xx

  • Xx

  • All sounding good!! Great news xx

  • Thanks hun xx

  • That is great news - good luck today!

  • Thank you x

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