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Absolutely terrified

Found out I was pregnant Monday. Very suprised to say the least. Last period was 12th October. Hospital wanted to see me today for a scan as I only had my eggs frozen on 29th September due to ohss. Scan revealed very thick lining which is brill. However no sac. Faint positive. I have been told I'm either very early on or it is ectopic. I have had bloods done today but I'm so scared. Has anyone else been in same position? Xx

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A gestational sac is one of the first signs of pregnancy that can be seen on a transvaginal ultrasound (an abdominal ultrasound is much less accurate this early in pregnancy.) It is usually seen on ultrasound by 5 weeks gestational age but is sometimes seen as early as 3 weeks.

I found the above information on a website, it might be just a little too early for the sac to be seen. Got everything crossed for you 🤞 Xxx


Thank you I really hope so x

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Years ago they thought i was, ectopic. They kept me in did bloods over 5 days 5th day scanned again bubz, was, there. Try not worry just yet hun. Bless, ya xxx


Fingers crossed. If this is ectopic I will be devastated. This whole process is just so cruel. Xx


I know hun all to well. Hopefully everything will be fine xxx


Perhaps it is too early in pregnancy to detect a sac. Did the hospital ask you to come back for another scan? The bloods are likely to examine hcg levels. I had an ectopic pregnancy 4 years ago which was detected at roughly 8 weeks pregnant. Hopefully this isn't the case for you and that it's just a case of too early on to see anything in a scan. Take care and let us all know how things go for you.xo


Sorry to hear you had to go through that. If not got another scan date but my bloods will be in tomorrow and we will go from there. Thank you xx


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