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Hello Everyone,

I’m just wondering what the average waiting time is for fertility treatment / appointments for the relevant tests are from the initial referral around the Manchester area? Or in general? Been putting it off but this month is another negative so really need to get on and accept we need help! Guess nobody wants too but here we are. I’ve already had bloods done and an internal scan etc through the docs.

Guess I’m worried it’ll be one of those “an appointment every couple of months things”...not too sure what to expect. Thank you :) x

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  • You might experience a longer wait with it being Xmas but when you do start things tend to move quite quickly good luck xx

  • Thank you :) that’s nice to know x

  • If you have any questions you can message me privately and I'll try to answer them x

  • Thanks Lauren that’s so nice :)

  • They'll get you on the books and sign you up etc. but my experience is, you'll be waiting a LONG time after all that. Certainly got my hopes up but I'm still waiting over a year on tbh. They shut the lab after last Christmas for cleaning as well, so well into the new year. I personally wish I hadn't committed to them. Had more urgency from clinic in London. Best wishes x

  • Oh dear not good :( thanks anyway!

  • My NHS goes where in Manchester and I did have to wait about a year, but once I did start it moved pretty quick. Feel free to message me any questions xx

  • Thank you :)

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