Clinic waiting times?

Hello everyone,

Spoke to the GP 3 weeks ago and he said he would refer us to the fertility clinic. Haven't heard anything yet and it's probably too early but just wondering how long it took you ladies to hear from the clinic for your first appointment. I read the clinic's website and it says we have to apply for the funding and it usually takes 6 weeks to be approved, but I haven't been asked to fill in any forms yet... Is that what the GP would have done on our behalf? Just paranoid he's forgotten or the referral is lost, etc. And yes, I am a total control freak!

Thanks for reading!

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  • It took us 1 year from seeing our GP to starting treatment, they did tests and appointments inbetween X 

  • Thanks very much, good luck!

  • Hi Pana,

    I am not too sure on the waiting times, but I think the NHS clinic should see you within 3 months. However,  from past experience with my GP, referrals tend not to arrive at the clinic.  Give the clinic a call just to be sure they have received your referral.

    Hope that helps.

    Good luck


  • Thanks for replying :)

    This is exactly what worries me. I'll see if I can find a number for them and give them a ring tomorrow.

  • It took us 12 months to be put on the nhs waiting list and another 18 months before treatment started its was a long process and waiting list keeps getting longer in this area. So don't think it will happen straight away. 

  • Thank you for your reply. It's good to get an idea of how long it takes so I don't obsess about it!

  • Yup - be prepared with a list of questions if you have them. They will probably put you on Clomid for 6 months and then if that doesn't work refer you for IVF. We are 2 years into treatment 4 years into trying and only just starting IVF now. The nutses are the ones who give you the time of day and answers you need so ask them lots xxxx

  • Thank you very much and good luck with your treatment! :)

  • For me it took 7 months from the GP referral until I received a letter with an appointment from the fertility clinic. After the initial consultation a month later with a lot of questions and some blood tests we were approved for treatment, but thankfully the waiting list was just a continuation of the referral, so at that point it went quite fast. They wanted me to go through a hysterosalpingogram to check my tubes first though, but the time between first consultation until start of treatment was roughly 3 months - it could even have been 2 months, but we decided to try naturally for another month since all the tests came back fine. Good luck! If in doubt just check waiting times with the clinic, I know that put me at ease.

  • Thank you for sharing your experiences with me! Very helpful :)

  • We got our initial appointment quite soon, I was surprised. GP referred us and had an appointment within a couple of weeks I think!

    We then had to go and get tests done which all happened quite quickly and once that was done went back for another appointment to receive test results.

    In order to get NHS funding you have to have been trying for 2 years so that's what we're waiting for now before next appointment!

    We're yet to see how long the wait for ivf is though!

  • I was referred in october, first appointment Dec, op in March and due to start my meds next week! Think it all depends really on where you live, hospital waiting lists and your situation. Good luck x

  • I think I am starting to think this also. Thanks.

  • I was first referred last April, had blood tests in June, first appointment with infertility consultant in September. My advice is say yes to every test they offer you straight away... I was persuaded not to go on waiting list for laparoscopy until I had had HSG and ultrasound... HSG failed and I'm still on the waiting list for the laparoscopy as I didn't go on to the list until January... it's over a year since my first referral and I wish they hadn't persuaded me not to have laparoscopy straight away.

  • Thank you for the advice. I'll definitely bear this in mind!

  • I would chase it up I waited 3 months and then rang to chase it up only to find out that they had 'lost' our referral then I booked an appointment and the clinic said rang back to cancel as the doctors hadn't done all of the tests they needed to do!! Needless to say I wasn't happy as it is wasting time! good luck

  • I called on Monday and they said they hadn't received the referral! Argh! So I called the GP and they said they would resend it straight away. Going to wait till tomorrow to call the fertility clinic again and see whether they have it yet... Apparently I should receive some paperwork within 4 weeks i.e. should have had it by now! 

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