All new and daunting

Hi, all very new to this...

My husband and I are both 30, but back in my found out he is infertile. WE're still very early into our journey, but in 2 weeks we have our first appointment with a consultant at our local hospital, we're hoping this will be the meeting when we start the ball really rolling for IVF. Does anyone have any advice/stories about what will happen next?

Not knowing is the worst thing right now


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  • Hi and welcome. I don't really have any advice to share yet but we are at a similar stage to you. We have our first consultation at a fertility clinic next week. It is nerve wrecking but the key message from others seems to be to take it one step at a time. Best of luck!

  • :-) thank you, you too. I've felt so isolated for so theres all of you!

  • It's good you have the ball rolling. Trying to think back to my first appointment (same situation as you) I think it was a general chat and they'll book you in for some tests.

    We had plenty of tests, both of us even though we knew the issue was with him, but they will check all areas.

    Is this NHS or private? I was NHS so might make a difference

  • We are NHS too. we saw a nurse at the hospital back in September, she sent us for lots of bloods...and the full works for me! She was great, said the Dr would only ask for them now so she's done them to hopefully save us some time.

  • Welcome to the forum, at our first apt we talked about our full medical history and whether either of us have children which we don’t. We were then sent for some further tests - at times you wonder how many more there could possibly be! I would say try not to look to far ahead, it can feel like a lonely journey at times but have things to look forward to along the way. Lots of luck x

  • Agree with above, expect a few re-tests and wait between appointments but you'll get there soon enough. I'm on first round of IVF now

  • Hi ya, hope you’re well! I’m currently going through IVF and my treatment has been covered by NHS. As mentioned by a number of the ladies, you will be asked a series of questions in your first appointment, like how long have you been trying for etc. They discuss with you that before being considered for IVF there are tests that need to be done to rule out anything else that they can potentially help you with before referring you onto a clinic for treatment. In my first appt the consultant did a smear/swab, can’t remember what that was to test but you can expect that on your first appt as I wasn’t quite prepared for that. Again as the ladies have said the tests will include blood tests for both you and your partner. Other tests will typically include a check of your uterus, ovaries via internal scan, and then your Fallopian tubes. My scans after my first appt with consultant typically took place around 7-8 weeks after first appt. I was then booked in for a follow up to review results and then after that referred to my clinic!! Wishing you all the best!! Just remember to be persistent with the NHS as they can be slow at times xxx

  • Forgot to add that I have nothing wrong, it was my Husband which was brought to light once he had a sperm count, but like the ladies have said they test everything to rule everything out! X

  • Welcome to the forum. The initial appointment for me involved lots of questions and starting off with a full list of tests and blood checks. This forum, I don’t doubt, will be a great support for you and lots of people to reach out to for advise and support. Wishing you the best for your appointment, at least it’s only s couple of weeks away x

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