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New and confused - Medway

Hi, I'm VERY new to all this! We had an initial appt with our doc today and have blood and semen test forms so will get this all done ASAP, assuming we'll be going for NHS treatment. My question is, can we go private without a GP referral (can I just ring them and book an appointment and get things started) OR do we still need a GP referral, all the test results etc?

Also, we're in Medway, any recommendations for private treatment, or places to avoid?

Thank you :) and good luck everyone!

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Hey Bell071 you don't need to be referred from your Hospital for private treatment but obtaining copies of the tests you have already had done on the NHS would be helpful otherwise you will have to start the process all over again which is more expense etc.

I was with a private clinic in London so not sure about Medway I'm afraid.

Hope this helps though. Xx


Thanks Mooster1 :) much appreciated. x

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Hi Hun welcome to this site hope you find it useful and supportive. We all here understand the pain infertility can bring.

Yes I believe some private clinics will take you without a gp referral. But I would do the all the tests to get a diagnosis so your clinic will be able to discuss the best treatment options to you dependent on your test results. Otherwise you will end up financing basic investigations that the nhs would've funded(I had all the tests done even tho I can't have nhs funding for ivf,have a 16yr old son from another relationship) these tests can be costly. You will have various hormonal blood tests (it's quite a few done on different days on your cycle dependent on your cycle length) you will also have to have a scan to check your ovaries etc, you will need have an hsg or similar which will assess if your Fallopian tubes are clear,(done standard procedure at an nhs clinic) also as you have pointed out your hubby will have his sperm looked at. If you have time I would let your gp refer you do all the tests and take it from there. Ie if there's long waiting lists etc and you're not prepared to wait go private then. Unfortunately with infertility there is an awful amount of waiting around it is the thing that makes it so hard. Since my husband and I started trying (nearly 4 years ago) we spend so much time waiting it's one big long waiting game( we were unexplained till march this year till a fibroid was found in the lining of my uterus waiting for a surgery date to get it removed always waiting) My advice is to take it day by day. And never lose all hope. As for private clinics go to hfea website and there's a search engine so you can look at

clinics in more detail. Also many private clinics ofter free open evenings and you both can attend and get a feel of the place and ask all the questions you need to. Only you can decide wots right for you and your hubby and I wish you the very best with whatever decision you make X


Thanks Jess1981! x



I'm based in Maidstone and we are finally due to start IVF in July after an 19 month wait on the NHS. Unfortunately due to NHS incompetence there were a few delays as it should have only taken 12 months. It does take a long time, but I agree it's probably worth getting all your initial blood tests etc. done first and then go private if you think it's best for you.

We will be having treatment at the Brabourne Suite at The Chaucer in Canterbury and I have been very happy so far. Although my treatment is NHS funded it takes place at a private hospital. They have a dedicated consultant that only works at The Chaucer and a wonderful team. (Many consultants split their time between private clinics and NHS hospitals.) Having said that you will be seen by the nursing team much of the time. You need to also take into account travelling time, especially if you are working as you will need to attend various appointments and this can be quite disruptive. I work in Medway!

Good luck xx


Thanks Anjel2 x


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