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Anybody having treatment in Oxford?

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Hello everybody!

After (almost) two years TTC and doing all kind of tests, we have been referred for fertility treatment in Oxford, where we live.

I am a bit confused because we had our initial consultation almost one year ago and did all the tests at the Oxford Fertility Clinic, but now we have been referred to the JR Hospital. I was just wondering whether anybody around here is been or has been treated there and perhaps could share their experiences.

Many tahnks in advance and all the best luck to everybody in this journey!!

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Hi. Anyone answering this post, please do so by private message if mentioning clinic names. Many thanks. Diane

Sorry didn't read your post!

I had my funded cycle and my self funded one both at the Oxford fertility clinic. I have been very lucky, first resulted in my beautiful 2 year old daughter, and am now 7 weeks pregnant with my recent FET

hey! I am currently undergoing the treatment with the clinic in Oxo. We had also been referred to the JR Hospital prior the start of the IVF. It's just a quick application to assess if you are eligible for the NHS funding. The form then gets sent and you will then be contacted by the clinic directly with the next steps. have you been given any timelines yet?

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