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Lap & Dye Results


So I had my lap yesterday. Very surprised to hear my adhesions were not on my Fallopian tubes, albeit lots round my bowel, and my uterus. Only 2 bits of endo found too which is positive.

My right Fallopian tube was clear, left slightly slow getting the dye through but got there in the end.

Also he gave me my AMH results which are confirmed as low - 6.7. With that and my Antral Follicle count being 7/8 he feels IVF is the best course of action

I’m a little overwhelmed and shocked really. After suffering with endo all my life I was sure it would be my tubes stopping us from conceiving, when in fact it’s my low ovarian reserve. Have to admit, I’m quite frightened at the thought of IVF but I need to stay positive.

I’m also worried about the success of IVF with a reserve this low. Any advice out there would be great.

Tina x

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I'm not much of an expert on anything. I just wanted to say all the best with your Ivf .im not sure if there is a lesser evil between tube problems and amh.i hope you get a good result with your ivf.😊

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Thank you x


Please try not to be overwhelmed - your ovarian reserve is not horrendously low, promise! It's great news your tubes are free from endo and seem to be clear 👍🏼. I too have endo (on my pouch of Douglas), one Fallopian tube after an ectopic and an ovarian reserve of 4.8 at 30 years old. I went into my first round of ICSI feeling pretty defeated and convinced it would not work but I just went for it - plenty of healthy food, supplements, beetroot juice daily, etc and I ended up having much better results than I could have ever hoped for. So please keep the faith. Yes, it is a scary prospect going into IVF but once you are clear about what the process involves and you're into the swing of things you will find strength and amaze yourself. Wishing you lots of luck, if you have any questions feel free to message me. Xx


Thank you for your reply. It’s great to hear from people who have found it to work for them.

A friend of mine has been talking about that a change in my diet might help. Have you any advice on this? Xx


How old are you?


Hi Emma

I’m 35. X


I’m 38 and went into ivf with one ovary (due to endo) and an amh of 7.8. We found out we had male factors too.

First round of icsi 5 eggs collected, 3 mature but all went to blast. 36 and a bit weeks pregnant with one and one frostie.

Amh May give you an indication of egg reserve but it’s quality over quantity in the ivf game.

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Thanks Emma for giving me some positive vibes! Congratulations too.


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