A questions about injections on first round of IVF


i was wondering if anyone can answer my questions i have started my first round of treatment when i started the injections it wasn't to bad but it seems to be getting worse.

I am using ice to try and help the pain but i was wondering is it feeling worse because i am now eating before because I'm full or is there any advice for me.

any advice would be helpful

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  • Make sure you pinch before you inject and after removing the needle rub over the injection site. Take a deep breath and inject when you exhale. Also try to alternate sides when you're injecting. Hope this helps. Good luck 😙 x x

  • I think every day is different....

    I didn't use ice before, just did the injection and had a hot water bottle across my belly.

    Change the injection site and side every day, as it can become sensitive/sore if you keep using the same place.

    Sit down and keep hold of the pinch of skin.

    Try not to over think it too much x

  • I did my first injection last night and I used a cream called emla to numb the skin, you can get in at the chemist, no prescription needed. Cant tell you whether it'll help long term but it certainly made it more comfortable.

  • I was exactly the same , you wouldthink it would get easier but mine didn't. I'm not sure why this happens. I had no pain at the beginning but by the end it was really sore.

  • Hello, I found they got a little bit more painful each time. I think the skin just gets a bit tender. Try not to do it in the same place every night. I kept swapping sides which seemed to help.

    Good luck x

  • I think it can vary. I had to do my wife's injections n sometimes it hurt, sometimes it didn't. My father, who is diabetic,said it can be that you hit a nerve ending. Pinching when jabbing certainly helped with my wife's so would recommend doing that.

    Hope that helps 😊

  • Thanks everyone tonights injection didn't seem as bad I took everyones advice by pinching my stomach and changing side I hope it stays better and think that not eating before it helps.

    Thank you its nice to know I'm not the only one struggling with it. :-)

  • hi, I found it got easier, I'm 5 weeks into the injections but I do mine in the top of my thighs. it'll get better 😊

  • I did mine in my thighs, I tried the stomach but it was too painful, so switched to alternate thighs. If you pinch an inch and then inject at an angle into your fat bit it doesn't hurt too much. Good luck 🍀 xx

  • Hiya, I found that the best position was standing, a big/tight pinch of the area and a deep breath in. However, I had the help of my husband who did all my injections. I remember the first time, I was sitting down - it killed!

    It will get better as you go along. Best wishes and take care xx

  • I wrote a post last week saying the exact same I got a bit confident 5 days in an thought it would be fine an it bloomin killed I was shocked an cried haha everyone said change sides and I did but for me I've done about 5 days on one side before I switched giving it enough time to get back to normal. Everyone is different though so unfortunately it's trial and error. Try also holding the bottle for a minute beforehand to warm it up helps with the sting. Hope it gets better xx

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