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Ovulation Induction - advice?

Hi all!

I'm about to embark into OI for the first time. I must admit that I find my body very confusing, and feel daft asking the consultant/nurses about my cycle. Does anybody have any experience of OI in general or tips?

Some background:

My cycles are long (and period is too), and varies in length. After 1 year TTC I was scanned and found to have PCOS so went on metformin. Then after 2 years+ TTC I was scanned as part of fertility tests, and found not PCOS. When I was confused and asked if it was the metformin working, the consultant just shrugged her shoulders! I know we're all different but doesn't help to find answers. They are saying we have unexplained infertility but going for IO first as I challenged on PCOS.

Thanks for reading :)

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