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Lower fsh levels

Hi ladies,does anyone know how much agnas cataus I need to take to lower day levels I've got 4mg ones from Holland and Barrett,but after reading different sites people are saying it's no good at that dose?they are taking up to 200mg +daily? Has anyone used these to lower fsh levels for ivf I only need them lowering from 9.7 to 9 or under so I can get nhs ivf?? Xx

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Our yd took 3 of the Herbal Secrets Vitex a day and after 4 months or so on it her fsh/lh ratio were spot on as well as her TSH thyroid level going down from 3.54 to 1.4. She’s now 7 weeks pregnant. Apparently the EU have put a limit on herbal medicines, she’d have to take a lot more of the H&B ones to equate to the dosage from the Herbal Secrets which are manufactured in USA, it’s the amount of active ingredients that count. amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01...

Good luck x


Hey, I have been seeing a medical herbalist for over 12 months and every bottle she makes up includes Angus castus. And I took it 3x a day. That along with the dhea brought my fsh right down xx

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