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Fsh levels refused nhs ivf


Hi all I'm new to this site I was diagnosed as having a blocked fallopian tube and the right side so had this removed and was told left side is buried in scar tissue so I would need ivf anyway long story short I went today to be put on list only to be told my fsh levels is 9.7and amh is 2.3 and I won't get funding on nhs due to my high levels .hospital is going to repeat fsh test on nxt period as if it comes down to 9 they will list me for nhs ivf .any tips on how to bring the levels down .please help I feel so lost

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Sorry fsh levels are 9.7

So sorry you've had to experience this. I had the same thing happen. Was initially told I would get free cycle, only to be told differently 2 months down the line. My fsh was slightly higher but did fluctuate slightly on different tests - between 10.5 and 11.5, but never low enough to qualify for nhs cycle. I tried appealing but was unsuccessful. Was so angry as knew other areas didn't use fsh as qualifying criteria. I think where yours is close to the required level, hopefully you will get the result you need on a retest. I never found any info to suggest I could bring it down, but know it can change a lot between cycles. It's just another hurdle you don't need in this difficult journey xx

Sorry to hear that. My fsh was 19 and I got nhs treatment. Sounds low the level they are using xx

You could try acupuncture maybe xx

Hi thanks guys for reply I just feel heart broken as it came as such a shock.i can't afford to go private 😭 i was only slightly elevated.but the ccg in my area Cheshire have stated fsh level of 9 and under.

I'm booked in for acupuncture on the 27th but they have only gave me 2 and half weeks b4 I have to retest. I'm full of mixed emotions all I've done all day is cry I know I need to pull my self together and try sort it but it's do hard wen u feel deflated. I'm so tired by it all..im really greatfull for you advice thanks😚

Orla9298 in reply to Irish01

I suggest you postpone this retest, it won't matter. Just ring them and say you'd like a bit of time to digest everything can you call them when you're ready to retest. Also, it's a day 2 to 5 test I think, I got the lowest results on day 2! (I've written a longer post that I hope helps!)

Hello lovely, oh reading this, I can relate SO much. If you read back over my posts, my fsh was 22.5 and amh 2.2 or 2.3. To say I was devastated is an understatement, I didn't know what amh or fsh was and was left to google after finding I wasn't eligible. PLEASE don't lose hope. I managed to get mine down to 9. I think the main thing to help was actually probably DHEA, but I also saw a medical herbalist who prescribed me a mister that included vitex which is also supposed to help. I spent a fortune on acupuncture, reflexology and supplements - but I think the dhea and herbal medicine were the main things to help. It's possibly a bit too soon for you to jump into action, but if you're going going to get dhea, make sure it's micronized from the US, I can send you a website it you need.

I ended up getting two funded rounds. This is what my fsh did over time - 22.5, 14, 17.5, 11.7, 9.2, 8.9.

Might I ask if you have throid problems? As it can also impact and you might need to get your medication checked if you do.

Don't lose hope, your very likely to get these levels into the funding bracket.

I should add, although not to be negative, that my two nhs rounds didn't work and I'm now paying privately for a package of 3 rounds of "modified natural" ivf at a clinic that specialises in low amh. The type of treatment is specially tailored for low amh and high fsh. Just if you manage to get funding, lots of people don't realise you can transfer it to a clinic of your choice. I wish I had known.

Lots of love xx

Hi, my fsh was around 10/12 before ivf and I was told I was lucky to be accepted, I took wheat grass shots, just the powdered organic stuff off Amazon- I had a good research and it seems to be the safest best thing- anyway I’m 12 weeks pregnant now! I also had a really low Amh and took DHEA for about 8 weeks before treatment. Hope this helps x

Acupuncture got mine down in 6 weeks from 15odd to under 5. Wouldn't have met criteria with over 10 and I postponed the test as she told me to give it 6 weeks

I saw her weekly for 6 weeks then reduced it to monthly and stepped it back up when started IVF. Currently 11 weeks pregnant with the only egg that made it to blastocyst.

My amh was low too, but it only takes one egg!!

Good luck- postpone the next fsh test if you can and go for it! Xx

Irish01 in reply to PipsM

Thank you really helps hearing other people's experiences xx

Well I went out today and brought some agnas cataus think that's how I spell it Haha.some evening primrose with b6 and a multivitamin I'm booked in for acupuncture on the 27th ,so hopefully fingers crossed.seen my gp today who said there's no way to bring down levels ECT it's just luck he said.. I'm going to exercise more and eat better diet.at least I can say I have tried .I'm in no position at the moment to pay for private treatment..i really do appreciate all you comments Thank you all so much.ill keep u up dated on progress .I am going to get test put bk for 6 weeks see how I go this is the last time he is going to test them he said. It's only been test twice b4 . So fingers crossed I only have to lower it by one ..thanks again xxx

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