IVF water in uterus πŸ’¦

Hey everyone

I'm new to this site and new to IVF. I'm mid way through my first cycle and holding on with both hands to manage all the turbulence that I'm going through right now.

This cycle has been interrupted as fluid in the uterus was found. I have to resolve this before inplantation of frozen embryos can take place..

They have asked me to come back in a month and have arranged an MRI scan to investigate the fluid.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? and tips or suggestions to resolve this issue....?

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  • Hi hun

    I'm cat pleased to meet you.

    I just wanted to say welcome to this site and good luck on your journey. You will get immense support on here, the ladies are lovely and you'll soon get the feeling of a virtual family πŸ˜‰.

    I'm sorry I can't advice you regarding the fluid but I do remember someone on here had something like that recently I wouldn't like to say who my memory isn't that good.

    No doubt they will get in touch.

    Wish you all the best hun


  • Hi Cat

    Thanks for this reply. This site has been great so far... it's so refreshing and important to talk to people who get it..

    Please to meet you too and hope to chat soon.xx

  • Hi hun

    I agree this site is amazing, I hope youve started to get some potential answers and that your fluid clears up soon.

    Lots of love πŸ’—πŸ€—πŸ˜˜

  • Thanks for this message. This site is great!!! So nice to chat to people who get it!😊

  • Hi hun, welcome to the site!

    So frustrating to have something like this to pause your ivf, and it is something I too hadn't heard of til I had it myself.

    Hopefully it will be something that will just clear and allow you to move forward!

    I had fluid on the euterus during my last round of ivf.

    They gave me the option to either continue the cycle with the risk that fluid could wash away an embryo or to go for a laperoscopy to investigate it, as I'd previously been diagnosed with a blocked left tube which may have been the cause.

    They also said the fluid could have been a product from my previous ivf cycle.

    That was in April, I finally had my laperoscopy last month which found absolutely nothing wrong - not a sausage - no fluid or even any blockage in my tube which had appeared blocked at salpingogram over 2 years before!

    What I'm trying to say is that although it's a stress you could do without on this roller coaster journey, hopefully this is nothing to worry about long term and will turn out to be a temporary pause to proceedings that will clear and allow you to have every success at the next stage.

    How're you feeling with it all hun?

    Massive luck and love to you xx

  • Hey pookymamma

    Thank you for your message it offered me so much reassurance at a time when I was truly freaking out..

    I hope the MRI scan comes up clear or at least gives me some indication of where the fluid is coming from.

    Thanks again

    Love and light

  • Hi Slender39. Sorry to hear this, but it needs to be resolved as fluid in the womb can prevent a developing embryo from implanting. Sometimes caused by excess lubrication fluid leaking back into the womb from blocked tubes. If this is the case, then they may need to be clipped or removed before proceeding with treatment. The MRI will reveal what the problem is, so hopefully it can soon be sorted. Good luck! Diane

  • Hi Diane

    Thanks for this message. It's so nice to hear from others who have had similar experience it kinda normalizes the experience a bit.

    Thanks again for sharing

    Love and light.xx

  • Hi Slender39,

    My last frozen cycle in August was cancelled at the scan stage due to them seeing some fluid from my right fallopian tube and I had to arrange to have a laparoscopy done to have tube clipped before I could commence treatment. (before this i already knew my right tube was blocked but was not leaking). So when I went in for my laparoscopy last Wednesday, they put a camera in to check my tubes (it appeared both tubes are blocked). They did a dye test and there was no leakage from the tubes so I definitely couldn't get pregnant naturally. What they think my fertility consultant saw on my last scan was a small cyst. So now I have been given the all clear to commence treatment. I think its better to get the issue resolved before you start treatment as there is low implantation rate if there is fluid. The only downside is the laparoscopy was nhs funded so I literally had to push my doctor for a quick referral and even after that it could take 18 weeks for an appointment, then further time for a sugery date. Make sure you push your doctor for the quickest referral time if you are having the IVF privately funded. If its NHS, the hospital should be able to refer you pretty quickly. Good luck x

  • Hi Ditsy999

    Thanks for this message and heads up on waiting times. My treatment is NHS funded, hopefully it's all clear at my next scan.

    Thanks for sharing


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