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I had my eggs put Monday but I was admitted to hospital yesterday with OHSS as I had a scan to see how things were and my ovaries are huge, that big they are haemorrhaging. My abdomen is full of fluid and leaky valves apparently that is a symptom. They have moved me up to severe level, I have a catheter in and I am on blood thinning injections, morphine. I feel so ill. I keep crying allOf the time coz I should of been getting my ET tomorrow but instead I am a mess! It just isn’t how I planned it in my head.

Sorry to rant negatively! Very emotional


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  • Hope you feel better soon! xx

  • Oh Grace30, I am so sorry to read this... please don't apologise for having a "negative" rant. It really is so hard when things don't go to the plan that you had prepared for in your head. IVF is the most horrible rollercoaster and it must be even worse for you now because you are so poorly. I really hope that you are feeling better soon - you're in the right place now to be looked after.

    I too found it incredibly difficult when my potential ET days passed without me actually having the transfer - my cycle had worked out perfectly timing wise for me to have stimms, ec, ET and the 2ww during the long school summer holidays. I was all ready in my head for going back to school in Sept having had a couple of weeks to process the result, whatever it was. But then I over stimulated and had to freeze all... I hated at the time that I wasn't on progesterone, that there was no way an embryo could be transferred and found it so difficult afterwards when I wasn't in one of the two situations I'd prepared for - instead there was a weird 3rd scenario which was "not pregnant but didn't even get the chance to try". I think that was the hardest thing.

    I think what I'm trying to say is that you're not alone in feeling how you feel, and although I know that doesn't make things any better, I hope it might bring you a little comfort. Feel free to pm me anytime if you need to have a rant. I'll be thinking of you. xxx

  • Thankyou so much for your kind words, brought a tear to my eye. I may PM you x

  • You poor thing. I hope you feel better soon. I think if I were in your situation I would be crying all the time too, just from feeling so poorly let alone from the disappointment. If it helps, there is growing evidence to suggest that frozen embryo transfers are actually more likely to be successful.

  • Thankyou! Yes I have read that too, in America they do frozen transfers so the ladies body has time to get back to normal after all the drugs. Fingers crossed xx

  • I’m having pgd on my next round and that also requires freezing all embryos. I’m not looking forward to the whole process taking longer but beggars can’t be choosers!

  • What is a Pgd? X

  • It’s pre implantation genetic diagnosis. We found out my husband has a chromosome translocation so basically it’s a way of checking if the embryo is chromosomally normal. They only do it if you have a condition that can be inherited so it’s not that common- only two centres in England are licensed to do it. I only mentioned it as it also involves compulsory embryo freezing, so I understand a little of how you’re feeling about not being able to do the whole cycle in one go.

  • The things they can do , crazy isn’t it! I feel like I’m in a dream and going to wake up to ‘what next!’

    Anyway I hope all is good for you guys! Good luck xx

  • Hi, hope you feel better soon. Don't apologise I think most of us would be the exact same. Sending you best wishes xxx

  • Hi Grace30. Not what we want to hear, but look, you are the most important person at the moment and they need to get you better. You will feel dreadful for a while, but all will eventually settle down again. Don't worry about your embies, they will be quite safe in the freezer until the right time for them to come out. I really do hope you soon start to feel better, as I have nursed ladies with OHSS and it's not a nice place to be. Thinking of you. Diane

  • How are you feeling now? Any better today?

  • I’m so so, my stomach is 102 cm in circumference (I am a size 10 clothes wise so this is stretched for me) which is 2cm more than yesterday, very painful. still feel sickly. If I am no better tomorrow my consultant is going to do a similar procedure to egg collection but just drain all the fluid out of my stomach as I am not weeing enough to what I am drinking, he said it will be because of all the pressure creates like a vacuum so bladder won’t be able to release properly! I really can’t believe it, I’m past the stage of crying and actually laughing in disbelief ha ha ha! How are you? Xx

  • Uck, you poor thing. I’m glad they are monitoring you closely. We are fine, got appointment letter for next step this morning, roll on 15th November!

  • Oh bless you lady. Stay strong. Hope you get some relief and start to feel better soon. x

  • Hi grace

    How are you doing now? Have they drained the fluid? Do you feel better? Hope you can go home soon! I had my EC yesterday and today I felt fine so did lots of walking around town, had a coffee, drunk water but not enough - and now my tummy looks huge and is uncomfortable. I've taken paracetamol and I'm drinking more water. I don't feel ill but I'm now worried. I'm at risk of OHSS due to having 14 follicles on each ovary and AMH of 31. They took 12 eggs, 8 have fertilised. I'm in bed now and tomorrow I'm going to drink lots and rest lots!!!! And eat protein! I guess because I felt fine I thought it was ok to carry on as normal. Hope you're better soon xx

  • Well done you 2, 8 fertilised that’s great! Are they trying to get them to blastocyst for you! 💜😁

    Oh no, 😢😢hopefully it will only be mild. Have you told your fertility clinic? Try and keep a chart of what you drinking and how much your weeing if you can, coz if gets worse they will want to know. I am still in hospital, they have taken the catheter out and touch wood I am weeing enough now. My bloods are slowly going back to normal , he doesn’t want to drain me as it is another sedation and risk of infection and he said he is not just taking water out it is all your salts etc so could create other problems. My tummy is still the same (look 6 months pregnant) it’s like rubbing salt in the wound coz I wish I was. My embryologist has just rang me 9 out of my 12fertililsed have got to blastocyst so that has cheered me up. Really Good lil embos👌Feels weird because they are literally down the corridor from me In the hospital ha ha. Xxx

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