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Please, has anyone used the Assisted conception unit at King's college hospital London? I am currently receiving IVF treatment there but I seem to have lost all faith in them?

I would like to know if anyone has had a positive experience there.

I find them extremely inhumane and I feel like I am just a number. Their feedback system is really poor.

Any feedback will be highly appreciated


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  • I wouldn't recommend them. I thought they were unprofessional and inexperienced

  • Hiya, so sorry to hear of your bad experience. What stage are you at? I had IVF there last year and could not fault them from start to finish they were amazing but then a year is a long time and it does not take much to change. It is such a stressful time and they should be making it as easy for you as it can be so it must be awful for you that it is not. I conceived first time with twins and now have 6 month old boy and girl. Do let me know if there is any advice I can offer you. Sarah xx

  • Good to hear from you. Congratulations on your successful treatment. The emotional and cash implications is so much that one deserves a very happy ending.

    I am currently on Gonal f injections. I went for a scan yesterday but my follicles are still too small. It was increased to 450 units and I will go for another scan tomorrow . I am seriously hoping it's a good news tomorrow

    Thanks for your concern.

  • I'm not there lovely, but I felt a bit like that with our clinic 😞 I think it doesn't help that is such an emotional time. I just wanted to say try not to worry about your follicles, the same thing happened to me and I was freaking, it actually turned out okay in the end. Good luck with everything Xx

  • Thanks dear. Really appreciate your concern. My second scan is tomorrow. I will keep everyone updated. Your support and kind words has kept me going.

  • Hi Angel, I'm sorry to hear your experience hasn't been very good. I was just at the ACU at kings yesterday. I'm due to start IVF ICSI in 2 weeks. About from the long waits between appointments I've found the staff sympathetic so far. Yesterday I met with a nurse called Judith who was amazing. It's impossible to speak to anyone on the phone which is frustrating. I'm obviously further behind you, but any tips greatly appreciated.

    Good luck with the next steps and don't be afraid to tell them that you have concerns. I'd hope that they respond to that.


  • Thanks for your response Erland. I think I am mostly frustrated by long waits between appointments and not being able to speak with anyone on the phone.

    On one occasion , a nurse called me to book an appointment for two weeks after I started my Buserelin injection. When I arrived for the appointment, my name wasn't on the system. That frustrated me so much. That same day, I was told that my husband needed to repeat some blood tests but we were never informed about that. He was out of the country at the time so he had to cancel his trip to come back ASAP. On Monday , I went there for scan - 10 days after I started Gonal f injections . After the scan? The nurse said I should go and that she would discuss the result with a consultant and give me a call in the evening to increase my medication unit since the follicles were still small.

    Just as I got to London Victoria station, I got a call from one of the nurses saying that they forgot I had to do a blood test, that I should come back for a blood test. At this point, I was completely disappointed by their service. I am at a point now where I can't turn back. I am seriously hoping and praying that these obstacles I have encountered will catapult me to the positive outcome I have since longed for.

    Goodluck everyone. xxxxxx

  • Hi,

    I can understand your disappointment and frustration. What you've described gives the impression that it's a run of the mill procedure. It's hard to forgive a casual attitude to what is life altering for all of us. That said, it does more harm than good to hold onto the stress. If you've articulated your concerns and feel that you've been heard, I would try and turn a page. I think it's important to feel positive and get into the right head space.

    Good luck


  • Thanks Erland. I have put every frustration behind and staying very positive. I have a much bigger hurdle ahead of me. I need to stay focused and at peace with my spirit.

    Thanks for your concern.

  • I only had by egg transfer there. I have to say I was really pleased with them and I thought the facilities were very clean and modern. I have just had a BFP so they must be good at something! As I said, only had the final stage there so can't comment on the earlier stages x

  • What is the waiting time for IVF first cycle procedure to start in Kings College hospital?.

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