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OHSS/ 3 months for implant/ frozen embryo

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Wow , I had my eggs collected on Monday 26 with 13fertilised which is fab news but I have over stimulated and now really poorly with OHSS. I had to go to hospital last night I was that bad, they have put me on medication to try and reduce the symptoms, so now I’m off Work which they are not happy about! I know I should be over the moon with amount of eggs but I can’t help feeling sorry for my self for feeling like this when I should of been excited but now have to wait 3 months for implant as it can be dangerous for me if they do it now! Has anyone suffered with ohss? Xxx

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Hi Grace30. Well, just at the moment, you are the most important one here. You need to have a good rest, and I'm sure you've been told to drink plenty too. Your little embies will be quite safe stored frozen, until you are well enough for transfer. Hope you soon feel better. Thinking of you. Diane

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Grace30 in reply to DianeArnold

Thankyou! 💕

Hi Grace30, I have just replied on one of your other posts too before I saw this one. Sorry you are having such a tough time - I was overstimulated in the summer and had to freeze everything. I didn't end up in hospital but did have treatment with cabergoline after egg collection and felt really grotty for a week or so - I slept a lot and found it exhausting just getting out of bed and downstairs to make a drink/something to eat... I think the hardest thing was not being able to have an embryo transferred when that was what I had spent so much time gearing myself up for - I've now started my FET cycle and do know that, looking back, there was no way my body would have been in a good place for a transfer. I'm here if you need to let off steam, and hope you feel better soon! Xxx

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Grace30 in reply to MrsB_2013

Hi MrsB. Thanks for your reply. They put me on Cabergoline too, I feel rubbish. I have been sleeping so much and that is not me at all. It is phycological aswel like you said I should of been excited for transfer. I have done a lot of research on FET which is reassuring and a lot of centres in USA don’t use fresh transfers (even if not overstimulated) as they believe there is a better chance if you let the woman get back to herself and all stim drugs Our of her system. The Hewitt centre where I am having treatment is trialing it too, so fingers crossed! How are you getting on? Do you have to inject again or do they just do it with natural cycle? Xxx

Hi Grace, I am sorry to hear you are having a rough time with OHSS. I had it on both of my ICSI cycles and it is horrible. I was told to drink Lucosade type drinks, rest and eat a protein rich diet. I am not sure the Cabergoline did anything for me... Don't worry about work, let them sort it out and never feel guilty about being off sick. Those things can't be changed so if they are not happy about it: tough!

I think it is indeed preferable not to go ahead with fresh transfer when having OHSS as there is a risk you could be poorly for up to 12 weeks (and who would want that??) and there is also an increased risk of birth defects. Best of luck with your FET. I hope you feel better soon xx

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Grace30 in reply to ZessB

Hi thanks for your reply. I was admitted to hospital yesterday with it as I had a scan to see how things were and my ovaries are huge, that big they are haemorrhaging. My abdomen is full of fluid and leaky valves apparently that is a symptom. They have moved me up to severe level, I have a catheter in and I am on blood thinning injections, morphine. I feel so ill. I keep crying allOf the time coz I should of been getting my ET tomorrow but instead I am a mess! It just isn’t how I planned it in my head.

They are freezing my eggs until I have had 3 periods.

How are you getting on? Xx

Oh bless your soul. I feel your pain and know the feeling. OHSS is really painful. I hope that your symptoms soon disappear. I found that from one day where I was at my peak feeling like I was going to die, I then recovered quite sharply on the next day so keep hope. You are in the best place now. Sending you comforting hugs xoxoxo

I was in the same boat. All my eggs were frozen and I was advised to wait 8 weeks until a dozen embryo could be transferred. Best of luck xx

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