Devastated 😒

We gave in and tested one day early and our second cycle has ended in a BFN.

It's going to take us longer to get over this cycle as we got so much further than last time. We need to take time and look at our options now as privately funded.

Thank you to everyone for you kind support. Going to take a few months away from here and anything ivf to focus on us. We had the stress of our first cycle just before we got married and now this cycle straight after. We need time to just be us πŸ˜’πŸ˜”β˜ΉοΈ xx

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  • Katrina definitely test again on OTD. You never know what happens on this crazy journey.

    Look after yourselves and definitely take time out to enjoy life again. Xoxo

  • So sorry for you sweet sending you a big hug xxxx

  • Thinking of you hunny, but yes defo test again as some people have done so and got a bfn then on the day bfp, sending loads of hugs ur way. Xxβ€οΈπŸ’‹

  • So sorry to hear this. It was me yesterday and our second try too. I agree that, if you feel able, then test tomorrow as it’s your otd day just to check xxx

  • So sorry to hear ur sad news. I’m in a similar situation and it’s so difficult. Wishing you the best possible outcome in the future whichever route you choose xx πŸ’«

  • I am so so sorry for you bfn they sick everytime. Sounds sensible to take time out and prioritise each other. Take lots of care xxx

  • Thinking of you do test again...

    Look after yourself sending you all the love & a hug ❀ x

  • Sorry to hear this Katrina. So hard to deal with. Look after yourself and yes time out for you and hubby sounds like a good thing to do. Sending big hugs xxxx

  • So sorry to read this, BFN’s are so cruel. Definitely take time to focus on yourselves, I’m sure some time out from it all will help xx

  • So sorry. Take care x

  • So sorry to hear this , look after yourself xx

  • So sorry to read this. I'd seen your post about funding too, so I know this time it must be harder. They've cut funding from 3 to 1 cycles in my area too.

    Def have time away, my hubby and I were going through miscarriages before and after our wedding, then ivf and I now feel that only in the last 3 months (all treatment now finished before moving onto private world and DE) do I feel like we have become the happy couple who fell in love before all this infertility lark. It drains couples more than anything else, and it's so hard to switch off from it all. But day by day, week by week it becomes easier and happiness and normality begin to return. If and when you go down the private world you'll be amazed at how different and more efficient the whole process is and that too has helped me massively in feeling normal and a loving married couple again. Thinking of you.....and keep having hope xx

  • Sorry to read this. It’s so harsh. Come back when you’re ready to fight again and in the meantime enjoy each other xx

  • Sorry to hear your news. Keep strong x

  • So sorry to hear your news, it doesn’t get any easier I’m afraid, take the time for you both to be a couple and rebuild your strength. Sending you a big hug πŸ€— xx

  • Sorry to hear this. Best wishes moving forward xxx

  • So sorry to read this. Hope you get through it one day at a time and take the time out that you need before thinking through next steps xx

  • So sorry to hear this. I would still test on OTD in case it's just late to show. I had nothing two days ago a lot can change. Take care of each other- it's easy to get lost in the madness of IVF. x

  • I'm so sorry to hear your news. It is just so upsetting and disappointing after investing so much in the cycle. Take care. Xx

  • Sorry to see this. As others have said, do still test tomorrow! If it's not positive, then be kind to yourself. This is a rough journey and it just sucks. Sending a hug xx

  • I'm so sorry x

  • Sorry to hear this πŸ’”

  • Thank you all so much for your kind words. This journey is so difficult for every single one of us and it's all your stories that keep me going. Good luck to everyone where ever you are on your journey. I will be back in the future (may be days may be months) once we have heeled and have a plan set out xx

  • Really gutted for you. So sorry to hear this disappointing news. Be kind to yourself and enjoy spending time with your hubbie. Maybe a wee weekend away or even an overnight somewhere will help you both relax and enjoy time with each other away from all the strain.Take care.xo

  • Sorry. No words. But give yourself the time you need to heal.

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