Devastated 😒

Had 2nd beta today my levels have dropped from 86 to hcg of 78, clinic told me to stop taking meds as miscarrying early...Merry Xmas to us πŸ˜”.

This was our 6th attempt and finally got our much longed for positive, just so hard to take it in that it's over already.

Got to have blood test new years eve to ensure all has sorted itself.

I'm just upset beyond words, really thought this was our time, thankyou for all your support. Xx

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  • So so sorry xxx

  • Thanks hun just can't stop crying Xx

  • Oh no wonder you were so close , feel so sad for u xxxx

  • I'm so, so sorry. X

  • Thank you Xx

  • My heart is absolutely breaking for you Flossy85. I really thought this was your time so I'm totally lost for words. I wish I could give you a big hug. Life can be so cruel and I'm so so sorry x x x

  • I really did think this was our time iv never had a positive in all the attempts and now this. I just feel it's been horribly taken away. Not sure how I'm going to enjoy Xmas now just waiting to bleed away. Just so gutted, iv cried non stop. Thankyou I hope everything went well for you Xx

  • I'm so so sorry, big hugs your way xxx

  • Thankyou boothy xx

  • Hi

    I'm so so sorry. There are no words but like others have said big hugs.


  • Thank you Becks hugs are very much needed. Just so upsetting Xx

  • I'm so so sorry flossy. :( upset for you. Xxxxx

  • Thanks piglet I'm just in a daze I keep thinking it's a horrible nitemare and il wake up. Just so hard esp on Xmas eve. Xx

  • I'm so sorry, am really sad for you. Hold on tight and be selfish. Thinking of you xxx

  • Thankyou daisy14 it's just so hard to take after we have came so far. Xx

  • I know, it's more than unfair after so much of a rollercoaster. You must look after yourself. After my m/c I had counselling and was a little reluctant but my clinic sorted it and it has honestly really helped me process things. Do put yourself first xx

  • Thanks daisy, it's been a tough few days, stopped the meds on Xmas eve and only just starting to get a small watery blood today so think it's starting, cramps are getting worse. I think I will take your advice and go get some councelling early Jan, just been so down and upset Xx

  • That's normal, don't put pressure on yourself at all. It's such a roller coaster I'm only just stabilising and my m/c was in Novmber. Counselling is really good, I was dubious and even in the waiting room was unsure where to start, but it did give me support and meant my poor husband didn't carry everything. Thinking of you xx

  • Oh I'm so sorry heart breaking news sending you hugs xx

  • Thank you crazy_cat just so upsetting Xx

  • So sorry flossy, what an awful thing. Look after yourself and take plenty of time to grieve x

  • Thank you lynnr54 I just can't believe it's turned out this way, really thought it was 6th time lucky. I'm taking Xmas and new year off work, just not looking forward to it ending Xx

  • Thank you pumkinpie Xx

  • I'm so so sorry to hear this news. Please look after yourself xxx

  • Thankyou murph82, I will try just so hard Xx

  • Im so sorry flossy ! I was so positive everything would be fine for you 😒 my heart is breaking for you! Wish i could give u a big hug and take away all your heartache ! Xx

  • Me too daydreamer I really thought this was it. Just gutted beyond words, cried all day Xmas eve and Xmas morning then pulled myself together to visit family for dinner etc. I'm kinda starting to accept what's happened but a little watery bleed starting now so think it's starting to come away, just feel empty and hurt. Thankyou I hope your doing ok? It just doesn't get easier Xx

  • Life is so cruel. Thoughts are with you ❀️❀️

  • Thank you button123 it certainly is. Xx

  • Really sorry to hear this.

    Take care and look after yourself and your other half.

  • Thanks pm27 we've had lots of cuddles and tears just makes it worse this time of year Xx

  • Oh Flossy, I am so sorry to hear this. I thought it was your time too. I know there's nothing I can say to make it any easier. Be kind to yourself and take care x

  • Thankyou hopeful1982 I really did too, just getting through each day as it comes, cramps and little watery blood started today and getting worse so think it's coming away soon. Just feel so sad Xx

  • Thinking of you. This is such sad news. Sending you a big hug xxxx

  • Thank you Katy79 Xx

  • So so sorry to hear your heartbreaking news. Sending love and support at this terrible time 😞 xxx

  • Thank you Daisy-mae it means a lot, it's been a horrible few days Xx

  • Oh Flossy, I'm so sorry. I was so hopeful things would be OK for you. I hope you can spend some time this Christmas with the people who love you and support you. Look after yourself. x

  • Thankyou tlove I hoped and prayed all would be ok but was so shattering to get the bad news just done nothing but cry. Family have been great but have now locked ourselves away to grieve and have cuddles as cramps etc have started. Just so unfair Xx

  • Flossy85 I can't believe this. I'm so so sorry. I don't know what to say. Hugs xx

  • Thankyou WeeMrsH just so gutted. Really thought this was our time, think I got my hopes up too much so feel awful. It never gets easier for us all. Back on Nye for bloods, long drive for more heartache Xx

  • NFW....babes I am totally dumbfounded I thought this was all your time. I would say I am sorry but nothing will make that pain feel any easier.

    Take your time and breathe, do whatever you have too to get it out and when you finally feel that you have grieved both you and hubby help each other back up.

    What ever journey you decided on taking I wish you every luck in the world as you deserve it.

    Massive hugs 😘

  • Thankyou tamtam1 I really thought it was our time too, after 5fails of seeing nothing but negative tests I really got my hopes up after finally seeing that magical 2nd line it even got darker and came up faster within seconds but it wasnt meant to be. Just feel so sad and empty inside, this is worse than getting a fail as hopes have been up and then dashed.

    We have both cried so much, and had lots of cuddles. We are trying to take a positive from this experience that at least we know the right embryos can implant we need to look at why it didn't stick around. It's going to be a long journey, 3days ago I was ready to throw in the towel but now I'm starting to think ahead. Tho it hurts massively Xx

  • Just joined recently and I just wanted to say I'm so sorry to hear your sad news, words don't mean very much in these times but I hope the messages here can offer you some support!!

  • Thankyou Cinderella5 I have been really upset all over Xmas but the support here from all you lovely ladies is amazing Xx

  • So so sorry

  • Thankyou Xx

  • Oh no...such sad news.

    Just when you feel that you are a massive step forward, the extra kick happens.

    It's not fair, it really isn't x

  • It really did feel like a huge kick in the teeth just wasn't really ready for it after getting my hopes up of finally hearing the words 'your pregnant' back to the drawing board now. Got to go back for bloods Nye so not looking forward to that, only started getting cramps and watery blood just today so in for a bumpy couple of days as it gets worse. Xx

  • Really sorry to hear this. Life is so unfair. I had an early miscarriage last year it was devastating. So cruel to get hopes up and then dash them so low. Partcicularly cruel at this time of year. Not sure if this helps but it did get easier over time to deal with and you return to, dinner with friends etc. Sending big hugs to you xxx

  • Thank you bramble80. It really is unfair, I'm so sorry to hear of your early miscarriage too. The feeling of being told your pregnant after so long of waiting and trying is amazing to then be told your starting to miscarry is so cruel and devastating. I had no idea as tests were coming up darker and quicker, didn't have any red blood or sharp cramps so it was a shock to believe it. I am starting to get signs today so it's going to be a horrible few days again. I just wish it was over so we could grieve properly as just more upsetting waiting for the inevitable. Hugs to you too Xx

  • Ur a strong woman to get through 6 cycles flossy , this is prob the hardest one by far for you but take time to griev with ur husband and hopefully you will build up the strength again to not give up ! Sending big hugs and u will be in my prayers xxx

  • It really is awful Flossy 😞 there are some horrible days ahead but you will get through it. As Daydreamer says you must be a strong lady! Be good to yourself, cheesy films, chocolate, maybe some internet shopping. After a few weeks I had a long weekend break away with my hubby, which helped. Nice dinners, walks, wine! Big hugs Xxxxxx

  • Hi im sort of going through the same thing i had to go for a hcg blood test on the 22 nd dec and got my results the next the next day.The nurse said my hcg level was below 50hcg but to keep on with the cyclogest pessaries and go for another blood test on the 30th dec,she did also say it was a biochemical pregnancy and that i would probably bleed .I started to bleed on christmas eve and was totally gutted!!!This is my 5th attempt after a 2 yearbreak from ivf as my last attempt resulted in been rushed in to hospital with a ruptured ectopic and internal bleeding! Im really sorry to hear what you are going through been so close to getting your dream xxx

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