I'm back with more doubts

Hi ladies after having my BFP on Thursday , today I don't feel like I'm pregnant at all I know I shouldn't be complaining as I'm very lucky to in this position but apart from the bloat and the sore boobs I don't feel nothing more... so I went to do another test and it's still a fain line which got me more worried because i think it should've been more dark by now... anyone that was in the same situation can give some advice thank you.

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  • Have you had a blood test to look at your HCG levels? Xx

  • No my clinic doesn't do it but hopefully will do it with my gp

  • Hopefully a hcg blood test will put your mind at ease. If the gp won’t do one will your clinic do one if you pay privately? It may be worth forking out for, for the peace of mind xx

  • My gp will call me Monday morning hopefully to give me the prescription to do the hcg otherwise yes will pay for it . I want to try to relax but it's getting hard

  • It’s so emotionally crippling isn’t it. Ok well hopefully you can get a test done on Monday. My GP took 3 days to get my results back which nearly killed me waiting!

    I have found a london clinic (recommend by one of the ladies on this site) who do a a test and results on the same day for £60. I can recommend them if you are in London?


  • Yes it is I started crying out of nowhere just thinking the worse..

    AWow 3 days?? Omg how did you survive that?? My clinic is in London but I live two hours from there so hopefully will do it on Monday

  • Well if for any reason they don’t, message me as I will give you my clinic’s details they are on Harley Street and as long as you’re in by 3pm you will get your results back the same day.

    Thinking of you xx

  • I know. Pregnancy after ivf is not the joyous time it should be for us. Infertility robs us of that xx

  • Ohh yes it does Tugsgirl it seems you are always walking in egg shells just waiting for the worse

  • Definitely get a hcg test. I paid for 2 just for reassurance that my hormones were doubling. Try not to worry some people don't have symptoms. I don't have many just tired and sore boobs. X

  • Thank you for me is the same I'm always tired and the boobs as soon they touch the shirt it hurts...so definitely want a hcg I can't wait another 2 weeks not knowing if everything is ok

  • Its the same with me. Never had blood test and i dont feel like pregnant. No any symptoms, simply waiting for my 3 weeks scan , hope everything is going well x

    I called my gp and they dont do bloodtest and my hospital just did urine test. 😏

  • Yeah I think after all that we've been trough we need all the assurance that everything is ok.. tomorrow my gp will call me so I can explain my doubts an hopefully I'll do it otherwise will pay for a private one

  • Firstly, symptoms are not very reliable to conclude if you're pregnant or not. I've seen my sister getting on and off pregnancy symptoms throughout her gestation. Though I have been pregnant till 12 weeks only, but never had any symptoms. So you see it varies a lot. Which DPO are you on? As per my Dr till 15 DPO you shouldn't be worried about faint lines at all, even if it's persistent. Just stay optimistic for the time being and try not to stress - give it a little more time before taking another HPT. Hopefully, it will get darker, fingers crossed!

  • Thank you I know I should just embrace this amazing time but sometimes your head don't let you do this things.. I'm trying to relax and enjoy every single moment

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