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Delayed ovulation after FET IVF

So I'm still waiting to ovulate ! On cycle day 35, and what's weird is I had a shorter cycle after my fresh round and egg retrieval! Is this normal? It's really frustrating as ttc as read high chances of conceiving after failed IVF, but my egg white cm has been going on forever! And I have ovary pain still. My cycle is going to be nearly into day 50 by the time I ovulate which is the longest cycle ive have ever had! Any advice?? Thanks

What's even more annoying is I turn 35 tomorrow :( another thing to get me down and to be childless .......

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Hi Angelpopa. So sorry you're having this delay, but it can take up to 2 months for a cycle to return to normal following IVF. Try and be patient, it will return to normal. Good luck! Diane

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i feel your pain, i've had 2 failed rounds this year & they really played havoc with my cycle. the worst part is late period & that wicked voice in your head taunting that you might be pregnant. some chance 🙄

happy birthday for tomoz. i'm 37 & still have hope - stay strong 💪🏻

sending positive vibes your way



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