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IVF start date December

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Hi All

I’m new to this group so thought I’d give this a go as feeling a bit lost atm. We have an IVF start date for December so blood tests etc.. all due for Nov in preparation. I’m currently on fluoxetine for depression and was wondering if anyone else has had issues taking their meds’ with the addition drugs for the IVF treatment?

Also, I’m feeling like I don’t want to tell anyone about our treatment.. which means a lot of ‘telling fibs’ to family members and friends... hardest will be telling my parents I think. Didn’t want to burden them with this on top of what they already have going on. Worried my mother especially will feel quite rejected.

Gosh! Sorry I’ve completely ranted on! Anyone else who has had similar queries please feel free to comment. The whole process atm just fills me with dread :(

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Hi! I'm afraid I can't comment on the interaction of drugs, but I completely understand your apprehensions about the whole process. We are hoping to start ivf in the new year but have been recently told there is little hope of it working due to my 'unique' problem! To get some reassurance I've taken the plunge and am seeing a private consultant tomorrow for some expert advice.

In terms of burdening your mum, I totally understand and felt the same when my mum was going through a lot. But I also know that she had a feeling something was wrong and was relieved when I confided in her. Of course if your mum isn't the right person to talk to, I definitely think you should talk to someone. I'm sure like the rest of us you'd be surprised at how many people are on the same journey as us and it can really help just comparing stories. But if you ever want to talk just pm me.

Good luck with your journey xxx

Hi, I am due to start my first cycle next week. It is all very new to me too. I have spent a few months of this year weaning off meds deemed unsafe in pregnancy and going onto more suitable ones. I was on Mirtazipine and now on Sertraline. Fluoxetine didn't agree with me. I am also on very potent pain killers, they are not worried about the meds I am still on as there is plenty of data about the effect on new borns and the withdrawal they have to go through.

I would love to not be on the meds I am on, but I cannot move without the pain meds. If they benefit to you is greater than the risk to a potential baby then you can stay on Fluoxetine if it is a low to moderate dose.

They docs I see are more concerned about the Sertraline than the Fentanyl Patches I have to wear.

Depending on your doctors they may want you to reduce your dose, but at the same time you need to stay well.

See how you get on and you may change your mind about telling your family. We have decided to tell immediate family and a few close fried so we have a support network if things don't go to plan.

I hope things go well for you. I totally understand the feeling of dread too. The challenge for us is people being critical because of my joint and mobility problems. We have ended up telling those people to butt out.

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