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Finally, a start date for IVF :-)

How did everyone feel when they finally had a start date to begin their injections?

Ours is Christmas Day....happy and excited that we have a confirmed date to start + I love Christmas, so I'm hoping it will bring the Christmas Spirit.....

I'll be on the long protocol, due to low amh and endo, but it still feels funny to think we should know the outcome in less than 3 months...

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Good luck! I was excited to start too and staying positive really worked for us :-) xxx


Thanks Jenny34...it's definitely a mixed bag of emotions and you are right about having positive thoughts :-)


Good luck Holli. I can imagine you are scared and excited at the same time. I've just had my ore treatment scan and AMH and Im already apprehensive. How long do you inject for? Xx


Hey MrsDx.

When have you got your follow up appointment for your results? I didn't know about my low AMH until then...

My treatment plan is 28 days of the down reg injections and part way through that I start the stim injections....fingers crossed my body behaves!!


Wishing you every success on your baby making journey! Be positive, be patient, and above all look after eachother (he IS part of the roller coaster even though you're having to do all the injections, take the hormones etc!) And be kind to yourself. Lots of good luck to you both xx


Thanks Hope23. I'm sure it is very easy to get wrapped up in our own world...the other half no doubt feels "useless", but nevertheless wants it as much as we do. I'm quite lucky that we talk about stuff a lot and my hubby wants to help with mixing the injections etc :-)


Congratulations Hollibob exciting times ahead babe. I was in a state of shock when we started because I never thought I'd make the deadline with my weight loss lol. Only advice I'd give is don't put to much pressure on yourself, relax and make sure your honest with yourself and the other half when your not feeling fluffy xxxx


Thanks tjf7. It's funny how we all think we'll never get there....I guess that's the longing of wanting something so much?!


Hi Hollibob, oh woow that's amazing that you are starting on Christmas day!! :-D That must be a good sign :-) I am starting on 31.12. sooo nervous and excited. I also have Endo & low AMH. May I ask what your AMH result is? Mine is AMH 6 so they put me on protocol 9. Just hope my body responds and produces some lovely eggs lol. I wish us all lots of good luck & a truckload of Baby Dust!! xx


Hi Ines2885.

That's an exciting date for you to be starting too!!

My initial consultation didn't go quite according to plan...I was told 9, but when I saw the paperwork briefly it said 8.something. As they say, we only need one and a low AMH only indicates a low reserve and not necessarily the quality..our body just need more help getting there which is why they are suggesting the higher dose of medication. My consultant said that the amh result level would be expectant of someone who has endo and has had laparoscopies to remove it....

Lets do this!! Good luck...


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