Got the start date!!

Hi just wanted to share that we finally have a start date for our ICSI!! I will be doing the long protocol looking for EC/ET in January πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ At the start of this journey last October I was anxious about how long it would take but can honestly say this year has flown over, looking forward to 2017!! Sending lots of love & baby dust to those on their journey, we are all strong, brave women with the same dream xxx

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  • Hi just wanted to say good luck!! Also if you don't mind me asking was there a reason why it wasn't sooner than January? I have my first ivf consultation next week and am scared that they will say January time for me to! Which isn't good as it will be my neice first birthday!! So there will be family functions etc! X

  • Hi NDE1987, thank you for your reply, the reason they are not starting sooner is they have a 4 week shut down of the clinic over xmas/new year xx

  • Hi lucky 17! Thank you for replying back. I panicked and called my clinic and asked if there was a waiting que after the first consultation and I was told if all my tests are ok etc then there isn't mo que at all! I have my nurse appointment the week after on the 29th. Hope it works out for you xx

  • That's great news!! Sending lots of baby dust your way xx

  • Great news, Jan will be here in no time xxx

  • Thanks Button-123 xx

  • That's fantastic and the wife have been told by our consultant, we'll be starting in November, we are now awaiting to get an appointment from the nurse to discuss treatment and of injections... Time has flown by since we first started in September last year. Best of luck to you and please keep us updated :)

  • Hi sanj76, that's great news that you and your wife are starting treatment soon!! You will have to let me know how your app goes as you are a step ahead of us 😊 All the best on your journey x

  • I certainly will.... Hope to make contact with the nurse within the next two weeks...

  • Hi Lucky17. Just wanted to add my good wishes for your forthcoming cycle. Great that you have a start date. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane!! Xx

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