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Hi, before any treatment I need to get hsg test done. Anyone had it done and they experiences with it.

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Hi sophia88.

I had one done 2 years ago and as one of my tubes was little blocked up clear now 👍(took a few dyes to go through) it did hurt. Most women tho it isn't that bad , (a bit like a smear with a few mild period cramps,)so please don't let my experience put you off. Maybe take 2 painkillers an hour prior the HSG that should ease the cramping. Also it's an idea to bring someone with you as you may feel a bit tired afterwards and need someone to drive you home. I personally felt tired for a day or two after my HSG and did need to rest my body let me know if I over did it lol!! Again that is just my experience some women are able to return next day to work and feel totally fine 😊 Remember to bring some sanitary pads too as you may bleed a little afterwards. Otherwise it's huge NHS pads lol!!! Can't wear tampons as there is an risk of infection. Use protection that cycle too as they cannot do the procedure if there is any chance you could be pregnant. As the pregnancy would probably be lost. Something no one warned me about is your periods can be mega heavy after the HSG for a few months. My ex consultant reassured me that is completely normal don't panic if that happens to you 👍 The other thing is providing no blocks are found you have increased chances of conceiving up to 6 months after the HSG.

Finally want to wish you good luck with your Journey and hope you get a BFP soon 🍀💗 x x x

Hi Sophia88!

Yeah I've had it done, I think it's mainly to check for any blockages in the tubes, it's a little uncomfortable, if you suffer with period pain that's what it feels like but really only for the duration of the procedure which is only a short time maybe 5 mins.

It's nothing to worry about! Give it a little while ull get used to seeing ur uterus on a screen I could probably draw a picture of it now!! Lol

Good luck 😘 xx

Hi my experience was really good, felt no pain wat so ever just cud feel a little swelling building up inside as they put the dye thru...but i was more bothered about watching the screen an seeing my tubes...when i hear others talking of their HSG experiences i feel like i must have had something different done because i was fine, i drove to my appointment an drove home afterwards...i was givin anti biotics to take a lil while before the procedure and to continue after incase of infection from the dye x

Thanks everything really helps reading ur experiences.

I had mine 2 months ago, I was dreading it and it was over and done so quickly. It's slightly uncomfortable for a few mins, I felt fine afterwards and didn't bleed. I guess everyone is different.

I looked on it as every appointment is a step closer x

Hello, I've had this done too. It's a bit like a smear test and a little uncomfortable but it's not too bad. It should only last a few minutes. I took two ibuprofen before (and my hubby held my hand) which I think helped.

Hope it goes well x

Thank you x

Which is better to take ibuprofen or paracetamol and when should I take it?

I took paracetamol an hour before x

I had it done 3 months ago, and got myself all worked up over it expecting period like cramps and bleeding afterwards... having to change into a hospital gown beforehand completely freaked me out! But it was all kind of anti-climactic in the end as there was no pain or cramps or bleeding afterwards, and some of the smear tests I had in the past were definitely more uncomfortable than this. Slight pressure when the dye goes in I suppose, but that's it. I also took 2 paracetamol tablets (2x500mg) an hour before the procedure was due, so maybe that helped. And I was fine driving home afterwards by myself. I guess all women react differently, but if you're ok with smear tests then this will be fine too :-)

Everyone is different and I am sure you will be fine. I would def take paracetamol because I didn't and I did experience pain when the HSG was being done. Good luck xx

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