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4 days post lap and dye, feeling emotional

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Hi everyone, I'm now 4 days post op and feeling very emotional, still suffering with a bit of gas pain in my shoulders and neck but its definatly not as bad as it was, my belly button incision is still sore and uncomfortable, i'm feeling very emotional aswell, i think alot of this is down to actually not knowing what properly went on during the lap, and with only my discharge notes to go on and no explantion of what it all actually means i'm becoming increasingly anxious aswell. Roll on Thursday when i have an appt to see my GP!! Xxx

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Hi, take rest and try to relax. This procedure is very unpleasant and you'll need some time to recover. Hope this will happen soon! I guess this is the perfect time for lying abed and watching some TV shows :D I'm sure everything went smoothly and your GP will give you the good news :) Fingers crossed for you! Good luck 🍀

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Thanks Hannah! Xxx

I hated having the lap, my ribs were so painful. I got down too. I've just had a TAC fitted around my cervix via a c section like incision, even more painful and longer recovery! At least now I can finally start ivf- will you be meeting your gynaecologist to discuss your results too? Someone more specialist than your GP? X

My ribs have been awful, couldn't move my neck yesterday because of the gas pain! It says in my discharge notes "follow up appointment 6-8 weeks" so i've got to wait until then to get any proper answers which seems like absoloutly ages! Xxx

The drugs will be contributing to you feeling emotional too- a side effect that they don't tell you about! I'm glad you have an appointment to see your dr. X

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