No nausea and vomiting?

For weeks i have been very ill with nausea and vomiting, to the point i was prescribed meds and signed off work. I have been unable to leave the house or perform simple housework tasks. My diet has consisted of dry crackers, pretzels, yogurts and porridge.

I awoke this morning however feeling ok?? I still wouldn't spray on perfume or have a cup of coffee and a full english or anything but i actually don't feel violently ill, bearing in mind the sickness was relentless, all day/ night long.

Maybe i should be happy, but i can't help but think at 7+6 why?

Is there potentially something wrong? Has anyone similar experiences they can please share?


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  • I’m sure it will be fine but you could perhaps double check with the epu? Xx

  • I suppose it wouldn't hurt. I've got ages to wait for my 12 week scan. had planned to ring today and arrange my booking appointment xx

  • I took your advice and the clinic assured me this was normal. By the time they returned my call i was ill again!

    And again i feel better this morning. What a rollercoaster ride we're on! It doesn't stop at the BFP!!

    When is your official OTD hun? Xx

  • Hi there I’m glad you got reassurance in two ways though sorry you’re sick again! It’s worth it right?

    My OTD is thurs (blood) but am not going because they don’t do beta just simple yes or no test or Sat (hpt). Got another positive this am on a internet cheapie but it seemed maybe a little fainter than yesterday’s. Did a frer and it came up with a clear positive I hope it’s definitely worked. Fingers crossed. Will check again on Friday I think xxx

  • Aww i hope you get a confirmed positive to put your mind at rest xxx

  • I've read that at around 8 weeks + that the sickness can ease. I think, but I'm not a expert is that your hormones are starting to settled. I have days when I feel fine then boom it hits me again.

    A phone call will put your mind at ease. I don't know where to live but I got a groupon deal for a private scan for £29.

    Good luck xxxx

  • Thank you. Later in the day i felt ill all of a sudden. Like someone flicked a switch! I still might look for that deal however as a long time to wait for my next scan, so good to know xxx

  • I was sick a lot and around 8 weeks I woke up and felt fine and thought it had gone, However the day after it was back, so just enjoy a sick free day and monitor it the next few days as it may return xx

  • You were right. It wasn't long before i felt ill again xx

  • Hi Elou81. Well, from experience, I find that none of you are the same. Some have no sickness, right to the next extreme of being hospitalised! I'm sure all is well, and it's just down to your hormones settling back down. It's obviously not quite disappeared, but you will most likely start to fancy some different foods soon. As long as you're not in any pain or bleeding, your little one should be quite safe. Take care, and I will be thinking of you.

  • Hi Diane, i had no bleeding, just some stitch-like pains when i laugh or stand up too quickly. This has been the case since the 2WW.

    I rang the clinic and by the time they returned my call i was ill again! This continued thereafter.

    Yet when i awoke this morning the sickness was not as bad again, so you must be right about hormones settling. I have even had a croissant this morning! I feel very happy that the sickness is easing and doesn't appear to mean there's anything wrong with my little baby and being exactly 8 weeks today feels like a milestone now he/ she is no longer considered an embryo :) xx

  • Hi Elou81. So pleased that all seems to be settling down again for you. Your little one certainly is busy now, growing all his/her organs and eyes. It's amazing to watch in time lapse films. Wishing you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy. Diane

  • I haven't had any sickness really. So I worry about not having it. But I guess everyone is different. Trying not to second guess. 😐

    Roll on 2 more weeks till next scan!!!

  • My sister never had sickness. Some people it seems to come in waves, some its all day long. Like you say everyone is different. Hope you are well x

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