Severe nausea and vomiting

Hi everyone

I have severe nausea and vomiting up to the point I have epigastric pain. I end up staying on the bed all day ( at my worst). The doctor prescribed me buccastem and although the GP said it is safe for pregnancy I can't fully trust as the packet from buccastem says not for pregnant women.

I am nearly 2 months pregnant and it's my first pregnancy.

Has anyone tried buccastem?


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  • Oh dear! sounds awful for you. I have also suffered with sickness and nausea all though out my pregnancy, I also have been prescribed sickness tablets (cyclozine) I was very dubious about putting any chemicals into my body. But they have allowed me to carry on with uni and work at the time, and baby's lovely and healthy according to growth scans. She's 33wks 6 days, so don't worry too much xx

  • Thank you. I will try to get back to GP if they can prescribed me cyclozine instead of buccastem.

  • Oh poor u, hope they can prescribe u something else & u feel better soon x

  • Hi could 9.

    I just spoken to the GP via phone and she said cyclizine is the first drug to be prescribed for nausea and vomiting but she also said there's no studies on its effect on pregnancy.however if I don't take now the chances are i will continue to be sick and could end up becoming dehydrated and end up in the hospital.

    I haven't seen any mums who have taken buccastem hence very reluctant to take it. With cyclizine I havr read a few mums who have taken it and their kids were all fine..fingers crossed.

  • I'm sure it'll be fine-they couldn't risk prescribing something harmful.all u can do is trust their advice I think.hope u feel better xxx

  • Hiya I completely understand I'm having the same problem they prescribed me some tablets but after reading online that they have affected some people's baby's after birth I have decided not to take them I really hope it passes for you as I know how it feels xxxx

  • I know..GP did say there is no research on these drugs for pregnant women hence I'm reluctant to take them but severe nausea and vomiting can significantly affect the mum too so no choice for me ..i have to take them and fingers crossed everything will be fine..

  • just wanted to try off some help im suffering with the same ive tried everything and Mints seem to be the only think that help take the sickness away i have had tick tacs and keep having 1 or 2 every so often and its worked a treat really has. xxxx

  • Hi Tiger lily

    I bought lots of stuff yesterday to try like ginger biscuits, salt and vinegar poppy crisps, polo mints, lollies and bread.

    So far i only vomited once though when nauseous I was very tempted to start on cyclizine but didn't in the end.

    I was nauseous today but it was manageable esp with polo mint seemed to work.

    Hope this gets better by 12th week xxx

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