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Access fertility program

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Hi just hoping if anyone can offer any advice on the ivf refund programmes that are available. Is it worth going down that route? Wouldn't their be any conditions on this? I know you get to pick from a few of the selected clinics .

I am considering going abroad for treatment after two fails ivf cycles. Torn between the two.

Appreciate any advice. X

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We had our first ivf at Oxford fertility NHS funded which ended in a mmc. We are now on our 2nd cycle at that clinic using access fertility. We went with the 3 cycle 100% refund package as it was a really good deal. Plus there was the reassurance that if none of them worked we'd get the money back. Some people don't like it because if you fell pregnant on the first of the 3 you'd have paid more than one cycle normally costs but we didn't care about that. If someone said to me give me £10,450 and I'll give you a baby I would! I hope I do fall on the first cycle (currently in the 2ww with one blastocyst and 2 more in the freezer) as it means I don't have to go through this multiple times plus each time you have it you have to pay for meds so that's all an additional cost.I like the fact that a completed cycle with them is classed as a live birth so if you got pregnant but lost the baby you still get your other goes. They also include embryo glue and embryoscope as standard which are extras that help the chances. You also get to use all frozen embryos at no extra cost (except meds) so you may get more than 3 goes.

I couldn't be happier with the choice we made - it's left me feeling so much more relaxed and less pressure as I know we are paid up for more rounds if this one doesn't work.

I hope this helps - feel free to ask me anyone questions I love access fertility for offering this

Hi W

We are currently saving to go through our next cycle. We have had our 2 NHS attempts but unfortunately 1 was a natural mc and another was a mmc. I understand it's all down to a medical review whether you qualify or not? I was slightly concerned that we wouldn't due to the mc. How did you get on with this? We are in Scotland but can have it with a clinic up here too x

I had a mmc on my first round and I got accepted. I don't feel like the medical review is that strict

That's a relief, thank you even if we got accepted for some kind of refund i would be happier x

They basically contact your clinic to see what the clinic think but I think (don't know for certain) that it would only be severe cases where your clinic doesn't think further treatment will have a chance of working that they'd turn you down.

This is really helpful so am I right in thinking you get your money back if you don't get a live birth?

I think it's a good way of taking the stress away financially. Are they likely to make you wait a while between cycles. Appreciate the advice. wish you all the best with your cycle x

Yep if you have all 3 fresh cycles and have used all frozen embryos and you do not have a live birth you'll get 100% refund.

They don't control when you have the cycles once you're paid up you can do them when you like but if you get any embryos to freeze you must use those before moving on to the next fresh round

Have you had any success with access?

I am also looking into this and changing clinic too for my next cycle. I do hope that me and my husband get accepted for the 100% refund package. @waitingfirourmircle what was the criteria to meet to get the 100% package? My husband had a vasectomy got it reversed and had low sperm count do u think we could get accepted? Xx

I think a lot of the criteria is just about age. If you check their website it gives you details plus they have live chat on there weekdays so you could ask someone on there if they think you'd be accepted

Hi I've looked into the same package, how much does it cost you for meds each time?

Cheapest I found mine was in Asda and was £1600 😱😱 but I am on a very high dose of gonal f

you should try the scheme that I am on with Assured Fertility! they only offer 100% refund packages and they pay for your qualifying tests too so even if they don't accept you then you haven't spent any money? I thought my PCOS would get me declined but they accepted me on their 3 cycle plan with unlimited transfers and they financed it for me too! maybe access do this too? definitely worth enquiring with them before you spend money you don't get back hun xx

Really, I had to take menopur on my last cycle nhs & stupidly gave them the left over meds back. I've been advised to do short protocol next time so hopefully that will keep the cost down

I chucked away about £200+ worth of gonal f after my NHS round as I got pregnant but lost the baby

Il be speaking to them and will try to make a decision . I had more or less decided on a clinic in Spain until I came across this refund option. I'm torn between the two . Finding it difficult to make a decision.

Hi ladies

As inal reading all your posts I started to find out more and more about this IVF business and you are opening my eye everyday.

I have already spent over 6k on treatments " doing it all private as I am 40 yrs old" and now my next step is IVF due to start in November. I've been saving for my treatment already. Do you think i can be entitle to government help ? I have asked my GP and she doesn't have any information about it.

Hi! I have just started a similar programme to Access, but they are called Assured Fertility (I don't know if you've heard of them?) they give you a 100% guarantee on the whole treatment. We did look in to Access for a while but after researching them it turns out they don't refund the costs of your medications etc whilst Assured Fertility do! (I think this was the biggest factor for us). I wouldn't look in to treatment abroad unless they have a UK clinic as well just incase they run away with all your money (you never really know do you). I really hope you manage to find something that works for you! xx

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Beeb0 in reply to smithy1986

Hiya.. did you use assured fertility in the end?

Absolutely worth looking into we opted for a 2 cycle multi cycle plan. Worked out much better value. Very easy to apply and lovely supportive workers over the phone x

Has anyone had any success stories with access fertility clinics? X

I've had calls with both Access and Assured last week. I'm 38 with one failed private IVF (low AMH).

Assured fertility gave me 2 options - 1 cycle donor eggs (no option for using my own) which I found a bit strange because they didn't even ask what our issue was in the first place Cost is around £19,000 (all inclusive) - 100% refund if no live birth. Second option was 2 cycles - first cycle with my own eggs and second cycle with donor eggs - around £22,000. 100% refund in no baby. Donor clinic in Cyprus.

With Access fertility they offered me 50% 3 Cycle plan - the cost varies based on the clinic you choose - between 15,000-18,000 for South England and London. the price does not include initial assessments or meds. They ask that we choose clinic and following initial consultation and assessment they will decide if we can be accepted in the programme.

Husband and I are still debating and considering options...

It’s a difficult decision to make . I have heard some of the ladies saying assured include the medication in the cost. I’m looking to go with either of these by June as a first self funded attempt seems like a sensible way of funding the treatment. I felt I needed time away from the ivf . Hope it all works out for you .

Hi can I ask what your amh is. I am going to apply for access refund programme but want to manage my expectations of being accepted xx

I think last time mine was tested it was around 4.8. I've just received my medical records from the clinic we used last year (had an unsuccessful mild stimulation IVF cycle) and need to make an appointment with a clinic for initial assessment - from there we will fill in an application with Access Fertility and based on past medical records and current assessment they will make a decision if we will be accepted.

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