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Hello everyone.

Went to Fertility Show in Manchester at the weekend which was Fantastic! Feel so much better informed. All geared up for starting IVF and just trying to budget down those costs. Does anyone have any experience of using Access Fertility? It seems a great plan but almost feels like its too good to be true. I don't think you can post directly on here any comments about a specific organisation but if anyone has any info advice on buying a package (looking at Multicycle as I'm 39) or how it all works please message me.

Thanks all

Chickabeme x

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I have used them for the DE package and have been great x

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I am with them on ivf refund package & have also found them good it does sound too good to be true but I think it's designed to help ease the brunt of ivf costs as we know how expensive they can be xx


It depends how well you respond as to how worthwhile the multi cycle non-refund is. After my only nhs round, we thought about it but since we had nothing left to freeze the first time, if the same happens again, the saving would only be £500 a cycle and obviously you have to pay a lot more upfront. Remember the cycle package doesn't include drugs and they can cost well over £1000 a cycle. That said v v few clinics will put ideas of costs including drugs on their publicity as it's so individual. It really depends how likely it is you'll use frozen cycles and how happy you are about paying more upfront... The refund packages are obviously quite appealing but as I'd just turned 40 they weren't available. Good luck!


Thanks for this info ladies. We're going to go for it. Going to try and get onto the 3 cycle programme - medical pending!

Fingers crossed!



How did you find it? X


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