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Hello everybody. I hope you all are doing fine and having an amazing day. I think I have started to slowly get my life back... It had been a long while since the last time I laughed. Now however I have started to laugh again. This community has helped me a lot, really. I think I owed you all a big thank you. As of today I really feel better, I have a will to live. Now I know that there is a way out of this shithole. I have also seen so many of you deal with other problems... I guess what I am trying to say is that I know I am not the only one going through something hard. I wish you all sort your problems asap... I am trying to help you as much as I can by commenting and trying to support you all. God bless every single one of you. Much love for you all xoxo

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  • I am really glad to hear that Alessia . I am also happy we helped you... I know how hard it is to deal with shit alone. It probably wont be easier for you from now on but... you will find a way I am sure of that. God bless you too dear and keep spreading positive vibes. Theres nothing better than that.

  • Thank you sweetpiee ! Reall glad I got the chance to meet you. Thanks for all the support that you have given me. One day I will return the favor! You too dear keep spreading such vibes. I am sorry that it took me so long to reply. I haven't seen your comment for some reason. God bless you!

  • I am glad we met too. You don't owe me anything honey... Wish you happiness!

  • I am so happy that you are feeling better. I too felt the same before but this page and the ladies in this group are so amazing.

    Stay happy and positive my dear fren xx

  • Hello to you dear. I am glad we are speaking a mutual language here. I can relate so much to you... Its actually a really amazing feeling. Ladies here really rock. Had it not be for the support I got here. Maybe only god knows what turn my life would have taken. I cannot stress this enough! Right now I am trying to do the same, help somebody else out. I will hopefully do just as you tell me. I will be strong and face everything with courage. I hope i will never fall again in the bottomless pit of depression. Promise me you will do the same. I really want you to feel brave and know that there is nothing that can stop you. Wish you dear happiness! Thank you for the comment.

  • Glad you are feeling better. You are so positive - it is infectious! Wishing you all the best for your future. Big hugs to you xxx

  • Hello dear. I am really glad we got to talk again with each other. I want to thank you firstly for your comment on my previous post. Your support had been a shining light during the darkest nights! Thank you for commenting here again. Its really an honor to be amongst you all... Its a great feeling to know that i am making other feel happy and positive. This was my purpose the whole time. Now that it seems to be effective, it feels good. My future will hopefully be bright. I also hope yours will be too. Its just a matter of time until things take a turn for better! Wish you all the best in the world. People like you and me deserve it the most! Hugs and kisses to you too dear xoxo

  • Glad your feeling better xx

  • Hello dear. Thank you a lot for the comment. I hope the same applies! I want to be happy but i want to see you all happy just as much. I have said this before and i stand still by it! Hurted people deserve happiness the most. God bless you dear.

  • Awee, that was a lovely message! We're as pleased as to help you overcome the grief, rather I'd say to walk the painful road together somewhat supporting and caring for each other. :) I'm delighted to know that you've resumed to normal life and came back really strong to help us out with our troubles and inspire us to hold onto hope even if there's still too much heartbreak to cope with. Thank you so much for that! :D

    Sending you love!

  • Hello dear friend. I hope your having a fantastic day. I also wish everything is fine. This comment made me look back a little... Its funny how When I look back at what happened to me... One thing seems odd. Every time i look back, it shocks me. Where do you people find the courage to deal with the harshness that you have to? On top of that you go as far as to help others... How do you do this? I still haven't realized, however trying to help you all here has given me a good feeling to say the least. Seeing how you all keep smiling no matter what has helped me improve. I know that its possible to make it out in one piece. God bless every single one of you for being this much help for me. I wish you a happy life dear.

  • TBH honest with you, we are (speaking for myself) no less a wreck emotionally and looking back is scary. What's lost can never be replaced and the scar will probably stay for life. However, we've got to move forward if we're to have our baby someday, at least try everything that we can to make sure it happens. I don't get to discuss much of this or rather I'd say prefer to with anyone in family or friends - that's the harsh world out there and I find fellow women in here more empathetic towards my condition. Plus, the together theory is pretty much a strength in itself; knowing you're not alone, knowing that someone can relate what you're going through and especially the real updates of success no matter how little... it never fails to boosts up everyone's hope. I think that's how we be a team and carry on with our struggles on the fertility road. :)

    I opt to help everyone in here already or to join in coming time because I found my sanity in here and I know what impact the supports have to undo someone's misery. It's just being able to return the favour while I can, feels the right thing to do.

  • Your words are so true... It's very sad when you think about it this way. Only if there was a way to change this whole wreck. I mean we all are dealing with it fine but, getting rid of it completely seems to be out of our reach. On another note, I am glad about you. The way that you're handling this whole mess. It is just awesome, hopefully I'll be capable of doing the same. At first I was really uncertain whether should I post about success here. The idea seemed wrong and unjust. Maybe people who will read it will feel bad about themselves I thought. At cases I wondered whether people who post that here get hate. Reading more and more myself taught me that, that's not the case. Thank you for helping us dear. I hope that god rewards you by making all your dreams come true. Keep strong and hope for the best, cuz' it will happen one day!

  • I see success story as a hope. I'm sure there are many like me who derive hope and strength from the BFPs other's post in here. It's good to see someone succeed and it certainly means we can too - just not our turn yet! :) Well, can't deny even at times I pity myself and feel sad over not having a success but that's just momentary. I think everyone who've been through infertility knows that sometimes the insanity goes beyond control. The good part is, it's not permanent! I did find a couple of suitable clinics for DE+IVF, we're just exploring the relevant details before making a decision. Hopefully, it will work this time. Fingers crossed! :) Thanks to everyone who lends there hand in support to overcome this hurdle together - I owe them my help and support in return.

  • I am really glad for you dear! I sincerely hope that you make it out perfect. Let's pray together for that. May god grand our every wish. You are right about posting success sotries here... On the long run they help you a lot. More than boring and pointless sotries that I have seen. Obviously I am not talking about the opposite of success stories. I for once have posted my stories of failure... I completely understand why people do that all the time. It really helps you out to see that there are people who care about you. It doesn't matter that you have never met them and probably never will. Thank you for clearing this out for me... What about your clinic? I am looking for one too, just don't mention names cuz' it is prohibited... Is it any good? I think I have found mine but just asking. You can DM me however if you don't mind talking about it! God bless you dear and goodbye!

  • Thank you! :) I'd totally love to connect, share updates and help each other through this hard time. :D Thanks for the warning, I would have otherwise punched in the names of clinics right away, lol! I haven't made my mind yet though but I guess I have a clear preference from the shortlisted one. Let's continue on DM then! :D

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