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Interesting fact about pregnancy stats

So I went for my nurse consultation appointment yesterday for my FET. I can't remember how the conversation came about but we were talking about IVF success rates and I mentioned that I think they should change the way they present the success rates to show success over all cycles (i.e. how many couples get a live birth at some point in the process regardless of how many attempts) rather than success per cycle as they would be much higher than the 30-40% quoted and get people feeling much more positive about the process and might even ease some of the disappointment of a BFN on early rounds (I'm sure I saw someone post a similar info graphic on here the other day which illustrates the point perfectly).

Anyway, to stop waffling and get to the point she said to me that actually 30-40% chance is actually a really high % chance in pregnancy terms. A normal couple with no problems only has a 25% chance of pregnancy each month when you take into account fertilisation and implantation actually happening and then the embryo being of normal development (I didn't realise how many people have a chemical pregnancy and don't know it) and it's the cumulative impact of trying that gets most people pregnant. So you actually have a higher chance of getting pregnant on each IVF cycle than someone not going through IVF and trying naturally.

I though that was really interesting and might give some hope to those of us who look at the stats and think that they are really low odds of it happening for us.

Good luck to everyone, regardless of where they are on their journeys. Let's hope we all fall into those 30-40% of stats at some point!

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Interesting! 🤓


Thank you, that really does help put it into perspective! Xx


Ohh I like this! Thanks for the positivity! 👏


Thanks for sharing! Gives me some hope xx


Ace! ☺️


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