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Feeling positive

After a lot of worrying and stressing if I could do this again after our first failed cycle in march, today I feel positive.

After only retrieving 5 eggs on the first cycle and only one fertilising the decision was made to increase my gonal f dose for this cycle.

Well today was the first stimm scan and they seem really happy with how everything is going. All the follicles are growing equally and range from 11-17 already. Last time I had a few big ones and a large amount of small ones.

We know this is only a small step on the cycle journey but for now we are positive. Let's see what Mondays scan brings as this is bloating is ridiculous I look six months pregnant and people are now starting to ask if I am.

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That's great news about your follicles! Good luck on Monday :-) sending you lots of baby dust for this cycle! Xx


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