Scans and getting ready for travel next Monday

Just a little update.

Today was day 10 scan day following on from a mock cycle and a pill cycle. During the mock cycle I also had a scan where I knew my lining was going to thin (reoccurring issue) but the mock cycle was meant to assess for that so my meds could be adjusted before the real cycle.

The good news is that during the mock cycle my lining was only 5mm but today in the real cycle it was 8.8mm. The best ever. So that makes me feel good. Meds and the scratch seems to be doing their thing.

So hubby and I are gearing up for travelling to Spain on Monday in preparation for DE activities.

We will be out there from 28Nov to 8Dec. There are many hurdles to overcome during that time so keep your fingers crossed. This is the first time and only time for us to try DE after 6 failed ICSI rounds.

I am not sure if any of you ladies are also going through treatment at around about the same time. If so would love to hear from you and how you are getting on.


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  • Aww best of luck to you. I have had 3 failed Icis rounds and start my 4th cycle 1st with DE after Christmas πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • Let me know how you are doing with your cycle won't you? Are you doing DE in the UK or abroad.


  • Yes course I will, we are doing UK treatment x

  • Really exciting! Wishing you the best of luck!


  • Good luck Hun-will PM u xxx

  • Ah good luck! We are waiting to hear what date our Spanish clinic want us to fly over. We have tried clomid, 2 x IUI, 3 x IVF, 1 x FET so now going abroad to use Donor Eggs. I've had my scan and lining was good, so just waiting now.

    We may be over there at the same time! Where abouts are you having your treatment? I'm in Barcelona.

    Sending you big hugs, I hope this is your time xx

  • I am going to Alicante. Wishing you all the best. Stay in touch and let me know how you get on eyc.


  • Thank you, we fly out tomorrow and have our transfer on Sunday xx

  • So are you undergoing the treatment in Spain or something? I am also going abroad and will have to undergo an endometrium stimulation and I was actually very concerned about flying, like I might sound kind of superstitious or something but isn’t it bad for you to fly when you are under the stimulation, like it is very stressful to your body and you never know how it might influence your health and your endometrium growing…

    But anyways, the most important – I wish you the best of luck, this time it must be a BFP!!


  • Yes I am going over to Spain.

    Not sure re the stress element and I am only on asprin and oestrogen so should be ok.

    A number of people have gone abroad to the clinic with successful outcomes so can only hope it is ok.

    I know they do not like you flying immediately after a transfer.

    Good luck with your journey.

  • you too!!

    but for me, it was said that i can fly back home the same day the ET is performed, but I do not want to risk so we are planning to have a flight the next day.

    PS the same for me because as I am too will be going to another country for et and other stuff I am praying that everything will be great cos my clinic was recommended us through forums and has a lot of great reviews, i hope we will also leave a positive comment.

  • Are you at your clinic this week? If so how are things going?

  • I was! We have signed with the clinic we have chosen! I am already on my contraception pills so I can like regulate the cycle you know. I will wait for my donor to be found so I can finally begin stimulating.

    now it is all waiting time, I think that it is all going to be a week or two, tqo I think is more likely to be true before I take my dekapeptil injection. oh so much to do..

    how are you? xx

  • Safe journey and good luck xx

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