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So far so good

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Well had my first can today to see if lining is as it should be and thankfully it was!

Had my first Menopur injection at the clinic and boy does that sting. The feeling soon went but then the nausea kicked in a few hours later. Follicle measurement scan booked for next Friday, here's to hoping all goes well again and for lots of eggs!

Good luck to all xx

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Glad all well at scan, good luck with the rest of your treatment 🙂 Xxx

Excellent! On to the next step. My follicle measurement scan is next Friday too! Wishing you lots of luck for a successful cycle. Xx

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sk85 in reply to Lou9

Thank you Lou,how are you getting on with your injections now? x

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Lou9 in reply to Lou9

They are not pleasant but definitely a lot less worried about them than I was the first morning! How are you getting on? I just can't help but worry that my follicles won't grow! I'm driving myself mad! Hope you are doing well. Xx

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sk85 in reply to Lou9

Yeah you get used to It, it jist becomes routine and I find I don't even think about it now I just do it. I don't like having to mix the Menopur myself though, keep thinking have I done it right!

Try not to worry (easier said I know) about the next bit, just focus on getting there. All we can do is hope (and inject lol) for good outcomes and gorgeous babies. x

Wishing you luck and positive thoughts oxo

Congrats on the success of the first round dear and wish you a very all the best for friday. Hope everything will be fine.

Such a great news dear. I pray for you. you will definitely get success on Friday also. stay hopeful and stress-free. Take care, honey!!!

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