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Trying to stay relaxed

Hi everyone,

I'm 5 days into stims, 7 injections down, and other than one small bruise a few hot flushes feeling nothing. I'm trying to stay relaxed about the whole thing, this is my third fresh cycle so I know what to expect. I'm still doing all the old wives tales that I did previously and being extra thoughtful about what I'm eating to ensure lots of protein, heating pad on my stomach at night etc. Anyone else at this same stage?

I have first stimms acupuncture session tomorrow night before my first scan on Friday and then provisionally booked another one in for Tuesday in case EC goes ahead on Wednesday. I had reiki last week also- other than feeling a pulsating sensation in my stomach and colours coming into my mind I didn't feel anything from it. One of the colours was related to fertility though so hoping that's a good sign.


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Hi MrsTM13. Well you're certainly giving yourself the best chance with your alternative therapies and nutrition etc. Just wanted to wish you well with all, and of course for success. Diane

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Thanks. I figured if I throw absolutely everything at this cycle, 99% sure it'll be our last fresh attempt, that I won't be able to torture myself with what ifs. X


Thinking of you. Diane xx

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