Trying to stay positive

Hi all!!

We had our egg collection on Thursday and got the call on Friday that all six of the eggs fertilised. We were so happy, and I seemed to have little to no pain from the ec. Today the call wasn't so good. We have 3 that have been graded 2 and one that has been graded 3. The other two don't seem to be progressing. They still are optimistic that we will.make it to blastocyst stage. I am feeling really deflated, not to mention I am in some serious pain today. The nurse at the clinic thinks I may have over done it yesterday :(

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  • Hi madge I know it's hard but stay positive. My embies weren't of good grades so I chose to have 2 put back in. I just found out I'm pregnant and I'm waiting to hear back from the hospital about my date for my scan. Just take it easy. Get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids. Good luck xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Thinking about you but stay positive. The clinics are really good. If they weren't optimistic I'm sure they would tell you. So go with their experience. Things change all the time in the lab. I'm sure you will have some on day 5 for blastocyst transfer. Crossing fingers xx

  • Thanks!!! You were right, we have a couple ready today. I am only allowed one transfer at a time so maybe one for the freezer :) how is your 2ww going?

  • Call me Mystic Meg i knew it would work out. My two weeks going sloooowly..going back to work tomorrow. Theres only so much yoga, relaxation and acupuncture an active person like me can cope with lol xx

  • Try to stay positive if you can.this part is tough but they are still growing so be strong for your embies..they have made it this far..grow grow xxx

  • Thanks so much x

  • Hi Madge, I think it's really common to feel like this at this stage. Once transfer is compete your mindset will change again. Try to distract yourself the very best you can and think lovely warm cosy thoughts ready to give your embie a lovely home for the next two weeks and beyond. Good luck lovely x x x

  • Thank you, your kind words mean a lot xx

  • Hi rmadge86. So sorry to hear that you are so down at the moment. Fingers crossed that your little embies behave so that one or two can be put back into you where it/they belong. Try and rest as much as you can and take some paracetamol, or whatever has been prescribed for you. Keep away from anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen. Drink plenty of water too, and hopefully you will soon feel better. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane!! I am feeling much better now and we had good news this morning, we have two blastocysts so I will be having one transferred this afternoon xx

  • Hi madge86. Well done little embie! Hope all went well with the transfer and you're managing to have a bit of a rest. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Hi RMadge, I know its hard and no matter what anyone say's to you you are going to have these negative and positive days.

    I just wanted to let you know I had 17 eggs collected, and 9 Fertilised - Only one of these made it to blastocyst - And I am now pregnant, waiting for my early scan with the clinic! You only need one good one!

    Fingers crossed for you! x

  • Thanks so much! We got a call this morning that two have reached blastocyst and I am due for my transfer this afternoon. Thank you for your positive story xx

  • I heard so many wonderful stories, they are like miracles. And you get your miracle all of a sudden. Hoping for the best, hun!

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