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What are you doing to stay relaxed?

Sorry cant stop writing in this. Got so much on my mind and this is a great place to talk about it.

I love this. We are the IVF club! 😁😁

Ok so since we found out that our IVF will start in January.

I treated myself and bought myself a 'wellbeing journal

I absolutely love it.

It's got pages where you can write your thoughts down, pages where you can do some colouring and even some pages with little activities.

It's great!

I've never been one who coloured for more than 5 mins but omg. I'm on it for more than an hour! 💃

It SO keeps me relaxed.

What's everyine doing to stay relaxed and stress free.

P.S I'm also watching the Friends series in Netflix. So good to be laughing.

Keeps me in a good mood xx

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I need to get me a grown ups colouring book for our donor cycle in a couple of months!! 🙌🏼 will be great for the nerve wracking flights which will accompany it :)


Hi. The book I got is from Accessorize store.

I bought it for £10 but you can get it cheaper online.

Here's the link


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I've already started doing Mandala

They r awesome

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I lurrrrrve coloring although I'm not part of the ivf club. I'm still part of here though 💗💗🤗😘😘

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That’s a fantastic idea! Love the sound of that. Going to look into getting one too. I’ve been managing to keep fairly relaxed up to this point. Walking the dog several times a day helps me a lot and have been getting realty engrossed in a series on Netflix with my husband. We’ve been binging away at it 😊 Had a bit of a wobble yesterday and have a big week with lots happening next week so I think I need to up my game a bit. I think I’ll give your journal a go too and start listening to my guided meditation again. I’d better sharpen my colouring pencils 😘xx

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I love colouring as a way to relax! Have do many books, even handbag sized ones! After a croaky appointment in Tuesday, hubby and I sat down and did a puzzle yesterday. It was a great way to spend a few hours together, just chilling, not even talking, but every now and then bringing up the ivf elephant in the room. I also tried card making last yr when I had some time of work, that was great, found real pleasure in it, and was lovely to have control over something and make something beautiful! X

nice picture by the way!

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Fab idea! Glad it is helping! X

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