What are the most sensitive pregnancy tests? (UK)

Hi all- just wondering if anyone has a preferred pregnancy test? What's the most sensitive?

I'm currently in the painful 2WW CD25. We have weekend plans and our very switched on friends will notice if I don't drink so I aim to do a test on CD29. I don't have a regular cycle but the last time I actually ovulated my cycle was 34days so I know the chance of an accurate result on CD29 is slim.

Thank you x

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  • Hey Nona84! How's it going? Arghhhhh the 2ww! It feels like life is put on hold every month for 2 weeks and it's always pot luck that any social occasion falls in the 2ww. You have my sympathy! Having recently caved to peer pressure and had a couple drinks in my 2ww I thoroughly regretted it and was actually relieved not to be pregnant. I felt annoyed at myself and my friend for preassurising me when she knows we are trying. Lesson learnt! Any chance you could order a boozy looking drink? Soda and lime in a short glass pass it off as a gin in tonic?

  • Hi, I work in a pharmacy and we found out that the most sensitive pregnancy test was first response. Hope it all goes well x

  • Thank you. If it comes to it I'm sure I'll find a way around the wine but it's good to know what test to use x

  • If all else fails, tell then you're on antibiotics and will vomit if you drink.

  • Hello first response I found to be the most sensitive .

    Could you get the non alcoholic drinks that still look like alcohol ? Or say your on strong antibiotics which means you can not drink xx

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