Anyone had negative pregnancy tests... but ended up being pregnant???

Morning everyone...I'm having a break from ivf deciding if we can afford to scrape the money together to pay for another cycle!! However, I'm on day 52 of my cycle! Which means i have missed TWO periods... but keep getting negative hpts 😀 I feel pregnant... bloated... heartburn after eating... bouts of nausea and no sign of af!!! I've NEVER. missed a period and NEVER had a cycle of more than 29 days!! Soooo confused!! I have been getting a lot of lower stomach twinges so went to the doctors to explain my concern. She didn't give me a pregnancy test but booked an ultrasound at the surgery for tomorrow. I'm happy they're taking my complaints serious but I'm scared something else is wrong 😞😞

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  • A colleague at work had negative pg tests but was pregnant... but I'm not sure how many tests she did. She found out from a routine blood test at the gp's

  • Hiya... thanks for your response. I'm actually "fruit looping out" at the mo πŸ˜‚ I don't know what to think. I've read about people having negative hpts and end up being pregnant but I don't know anyone personally.

    I've taken 7 pregnancy tests at various times over the last 3 weeks and nothing!!

  • Oh u poor thing!! What a nitemare!! I hope the ultrasound today gives u some answers!! Would be amazing if u were pregnant!! xxx

  • Hiya... had my ultra sound on Monday but I still didn't get an answers. I have a few small fibroids, and my ovaries looked normal apparently!! So it's Day 57 of cycle... and still no AF!! Very frustrating when you are ttc 😀😀

    I have a follow up appointment next week so we'll see what the Dr has to say... if anything πŸ™„

  • The waiting game is so frustrating!! Feel for u Hun x

  • Mailei I have no good news stories to share on this but hope all goes well today and you get some answers xx

  • Hiya... my scan was apparently unconcerning so I'm still baffled πŸ˜• Day 57 and counting xx

  • You must be going out of your mind, good luck with the scan I hope it's good news xxx

  • Hiya... unfortunately not nmill πŸ˜• My ultrasound was fine apart from a few small fibroids. I had 3 large ones removed in 2015 but they made my periods more regular and very heavy!!! I'm now on Day 57 and still no show of AF... very frustrating 😀😀

  • I can just imagine how bloody frustrating that must be and can't believe the doctors can't tell you anything either. Af is the vain of our lives πŸ˜₯xxx

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