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Test day this week!!!

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Hello :)

So my OTD is Friday, but ive seen quite a few people that have had there egg collection and ET at exactly the same times as me and there test day is Wednesday, so im going to cheat and also do mine Wednesday! Ive bought 2 clear blue pregnancy tests so gonna use them Wednesday & Thursday then do the one the clinic gave me on Friday! I am so excited now i cant believe the day is nearly here!!!

Baby dust to all < 3

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Good luck 🍀🍀 any symptoms? Xxx

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Rubidge in reply to Amanda86

No i dont think so, im also trying not to think to much into anything. I had a funny bloody/iron taste in my mouth this morning, i get up in the night to wee and my boobs/nipples are sore/sensitive so i dont know if there signs or what!!xx

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Amanda86 in reply to Rubidge

Sounds promising 🙂Look forward to seeing your update on Wednesday xxx

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Rubidge in reply to Amanda86

Thank you :) xx

Wishing u a very all the best dear..... Be positive and go ahead. Rock On!!!!

Good luck! xx

Good luck xx

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