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Living life -alcohol!

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Just looking for people's opinions on lifestyle while in a break between ivf cycles.

Every now and again I like to go out with friends and enjoy a few cocktails. Since I started my ivf journey in June I have not done this and I am starting to feel a bit bored with life! I know it should be short term pain for long term gain, but in a couple of weeks I am going out with friends and would really like to let my hair down and have a few drinks rather than sit their with lemonade!

My next ivf attempt will be November/December and my last cycle didn't work because of poor quality eggs. I am not sure what the impact of alcohol is on egg quality and whether I should have a drink or not.

Just wondering what other people how done between ivf attempts?

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Hi Em

I can't give you my own experience as I am just in my first ICSI cycle but I was talking to someone at our clinic the other day and as long as you are not drinking lots every night then I was told not worry. She said the main factor with alcohol is how much the male drinks and even then they say up to ten units a week is ok. I'm sure if we were bingeing every night then over time there may be a negative effect on egg quality but a couple now and again isn't a cause for concern.

I feel the most important thing (within reason) is to do whatever makes you feel as positive and 'normal' as possible so personally I would let your hair down and enjoy yourself especially as you are between cycles.

I love a glass of red wine and was having one or two still while trying to conceive naturally, now in the middle of treatment I've stopped but generally I wouldn't worry about it.

Good luck and I hope you have a great night out, you deserve it xx

Hi, I was just told by the consultant to stop drinking from when I started stimming (short protocol so skipped the down regging stage). Up until then I had the odd glass of wine every now and again but not too much.

If you haven't started treatment I think you need to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. My clinic even told me the odd glass of wine during meds would be fine if it helps to relax and unwind from any stress. X

After my last bfn I felt I'd done everything I possibly could so had a few months of remembering what life used to be like before ivf! I've been more relaxed about it all this time but avoided caffeine for the last 3 months and alcohol for the past 6weeks. It felt good at the time but have egg collection on Weds so admit to being a bit worried about it!

We sacrifice so much that you'll probably be doing yourself the world of good having a proper night out with friends :)

I think if your not during treatment there's no harm in having one evening off to enjoy yourself. This journey is tough enough and we all need times to feel 'normal' whatever that may be lol I stopped drinking quite a few years ago but it was brother in laws 30th a month before I started treatment and i couldn't face all the 'are you pregnant' or why are you not drinking questions so had a few drinks and really enjoyed a stress free night xx

Yes, alcohol does affect egg quality. That's just one of many ill effects! In short, you've got to reduce alcohol (quit it if possible). Alcohol suppresses adrenal glands causing hormonal imbalance which are one the essential factors for conceiving. Further, the high sugar content may produce insulin resistance and disorders of the menstrual cycle. Since you mentioned IVF I presume you already have some infertility issues, which is why you're even at a higher risk of alcohol damage. It may impair ovulation as well. It is therefore for your best interest that you restrict alcohol for a few years if you are to get pregnant. There's no alternative to a healthy lifestyle for improving overall fertility.

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My 'infertility' is that I do not have a partner.

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Oh okay, so you're having a DS+IVF. But then also alcohol is no good for pregnancy. Now that it's clear you do not have clinical infertility - you can have a few drinks once a while but you've got to restrict yourself. It's just a matter of a couple of years. Once you get a BFP and have a baby you have your whole life ahead of you to enjoy, right! :)

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I say live your life! If you were to be going out every night on the bevy then fair enough but I cannot see the harm in having a few drinks socially, I'm yet to see any clinical evidence to the opposite as mentioned above. A stress free, relaxed Mum will be what your baby needs not a recluse, live your life! Take care xxx

Hey Hidden, I asked this question a couple of months ago. In July I was going away for my best friend's 30th and wasn't sure whether to have a couple of glasses of fizz as was due to start ICSI in September - I just started down regging about 10 days ago. The lovely ladies on here gave some great advice which I took and I went and enjoyed myself (no tequila or anything crazy, just a few glasses of fizz 😂). It was the best thing I did. Just having a night to switch off and not think about treatment was so lovely and I definitely reaped the benefits of it. So my advice is go out with your friends, switch off and enjoy yourself. You so deserve it! One night out is not going to be the reason for a failed cycle. Wishing you lots of luck. Xx 🍀

If you were drinking every night then you might need to be worried but one night off isn't going to make a huge difference if you've not started your cycle yet. And having a night out might actually do you some good. I'm firmly of the belief that this process is so awful and stressful that anything you can do to relax and forget it for a short while has to be a good thing.

Live your life Hun! Cutting out something you enjoy still does not mean it will make a difference anyway! I did the same and missed my glass of wine a way to relax etc during ivf and after our 2nd failed attempt we went on holiday, I drank wine everyday as I thought sod it I am going to live this 2 week holiday and not think bout the consequences! We got pregnant naturally that cycle!! A few drinks will probably make no difference but what might make a difference is you letting go and enjoying life, this journey is tough enough without so many added pressures, I went through it for 4 years and I will never get those 4 years back, life is short and we need to live it the best we can! Xx that's my opinion! X

Hi there

I pretty much did what I wanted between cycles. As soon as I started medication (down regulating) I cut out all alcohol but between cycles I drank whenever I wanted. I needed that to get through each time and to let me hair down.

Have the cocktails and try and relax 🍻🍷 xx

Hi hunny if it was me and I was feeling a bit down then I would go and enjoy myself with my friends. It's not like your out drinking every night and a positive mind set in my opinion would be more helpful for your next cycle than dodging a few glasses of 🍷 x x x

Hi, i absolutely agree with everyone else. Inbetween cycles is your downtime and time to get some normality back if possible. I had a few drinks in between cycles and still have 2 little.miracles to be thankful for. Anything to help your emotional well-being is v important. I say let your hair down and enjoy yourself. It'll do you the world of good and I honestly don't think it will do any harm at all xxx

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