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Getting answers

So after a year of thinking I had a problem, my partner has a sperm count of 0. All those 2ww, anxieties, hormonal mood swings... seem such a waste of time and energy now! At least now we can get the ball rolling and help find out the cause, I know I will now need ivf of some sort but I'm just really hoping we won't need to use a donor. Feel so bad that he is now going to need to be prodded and poked :( next step is seeing a urologist, how many months is this going to drag on for?!

Anyone else been through this?

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Oh, sorry to hear about your situation. I don't have much idea about sperm count problem personally. But the basic knowledge after a copious amount of internet digging says you need to know if it's permanent damage or just a phase. Sometimes muscular weakness, unhealthy diet, losing a lot of body weight in short span, too much vodka or stress reduce the sperm count substantially. But that's reversible! Hope you find a solution soon and start TTC again.


I'm so sorry that you've had this crappy news. I've been there this year too unfortunately. It's been a really stressful time for my OH and i spent a lot of my time thinking I wish it was me that had the issue instead.

The good news is that a zero sperm count doesn't necessarily mean that he isn't making sperm and they may be able to go in and get some. The urologist should have a plan of action.

Let me know if you have any questions x


Hiya, sorry about your situation. I went through the same thing last year. We thought it was me for a while until the OH got tested. We found out in May 2016, had a Sperm retrieval op in June 16 & couldn't find anything, decided to have a more in dept operation and because it was at an NHS hospital it took a while, and that was carried out February 2017. Unfortunately nothing was found so we went along with IVF with a donor in May 2017.

But I'm sure the time scale varies depending on where you are in the country.

Fingers crossed it all goes quick for you xx

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Hi zaz374. Sadly, we seem to hear more and more of these cases. It's weird to find a zero sperm count, when everything seems to be in working order. However, once he has been investigated, maybe they will find some sperm that has been trapped, that can be used in IVF/ICSI. Not what you envisaged, but hopefully you will achieve a pregnancy and birth in the not too distant future. Thinking of you. Diane


Im sorry to hear this. Im going through it now too. My OH has been diagnosed with Klinefelter Syndrome so we will have to use a doner in the long run I think. But I'm still having test also. It's hard but the time scale has been quite quick, it's only been 4 months! I know we all want things done quicker! We are seeing his doctor on wed, so hopefully we will have more answers then also. Good luck and I hope things go your way! Xxx


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