FET Questions-Hope your all well

Hi all, sorry I havent been on here in a while, after failed ivf I needed to be away from her. Today i go and see the embryologist for my fet appointment. What should I expect? Any tips or questions I should ask?

I just want to wish all you lovely strong ladies all the luck in the world, those who are pregnant I hope it's healthy and strong and those who have lost I feel your pain and I hope you get your happy ever after xx

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  • Hope your apt went well, I've been through 2 FET's and found them quite straight forward, mainly just prepared myself the same way I would of for a fresh cycle x

  • Thank you appointment went well and I'm hoping for positive news from this next cycle

  • I posted yesterday about FET and Diane said she had a list of questions she could send me. If you email her at support@fertilitynetworkuk.org then she'll send them through to you. Good luck!

  • Thankyou

  • Sorry, realised after I wrote this that your appointment was yesterday so might not have been that much use! Hope it went well.

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