Well today was OTD!! But after 4 days after a heavy bleed and clotting we still had to endure test day and got BFN which we expected but didn't make it easier to bare!! I feel numb and grieving for something that was not mentioned to be sick of people telling me oh you'll be ok. Back at work tomorrow and have to let my boss know the result before returning and I really do not feel ready to put a brave face on and attend to patients all day but guess I'll just have to slap a face on and get through the rest of the working from tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who has given support and hope you all get your long awaited positive results!!! We have a review on 6th June xx

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  • Sorry to hear you got a BFN. I've had 3 from 3 rounds of ICSI. The first time was a huge shock as everything had gone well. It's normal to feel like you're grieving as you are.

    Sometimes doing normal things can help, but if you're not feeling ready to return to work you could self certify or get signed off by your GP. 

  • I feel your pain.... Take one day at a time until you feel better.

    Massive hugs 

  • Work are willing to let me have another day off Tomorrow. So I'm definitely taking the extra day and have a day for myself doing exactly what I want to do!!!xx

  • Aaah that's a relief! Be kind to yourself, don't rush back till you are ready, this process is terribly tough. Sending you a massive hug

  • I am really sorry tiger your news Hun . Can you not take a few more days off just till you feel able to face people ,? It's bloody tough and so f in shit I know . 

    Nothing anyone says will make you feel better but try to be kind to yourself Hun. 

    you take care xxxx

  • I used the last of my holiday I had left to take for 2ww so have no more days to take. But I let my boss know my situation and he said I could have an extra day if I wanted it. So I've decided to take it!! So tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day so hopefully I can get out in the garden tomorrow and take some time for myself x

  • So sorry i meant sorry to hear not "tiger" 🙄

  • I'm so sorry Hope, I know how you feel. People try but they just don't get it. I had to have the official test today as well and work wanted me back straight after. I've been trying to teach all day without breaking down. I've never been so glad for the end of a school day. My husband keeps saying 'We can try again' and I know he means well but I actually want to punch him as he doesn't seem to feel the loss that I do. I know there's nothing I can say to make it better but I'm thinking of you. X

  • Grrrr they make it sound so easy, you can try again.... If only it was so easy. Hang in there lovey xx

  • So sorry to hear this, sending you huge hugs xx

  • (Firstly love the profile name!) 

    It's a horrid pain - I read a great article which might make you cry ... But it so makes sense. You're grieving. It doesn't matter that no one understands it, it's personal and healing will take time xxx

  • So sorry to read. There's always a bit of hope till the BFN. I got a Drs note for my 2ww and for a few days after my BFN's I think most DR's are happy to do it it's an emotionally draining time. Thoughts are with you xx

  • So sorry to hear this, i had the same happen on my first round in early March, take time to grieve and do something you enjoy today, i know it's what everyone will tell you, but give it time, it really does get better! 💜 Xxx

  • Big hugs. Glad you aren't going to work today xx

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