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Fighting to have a child

Hello everyone!

I'm new here.

I've come here to find answers and support. I've been trying to conceive for nearly 5 years, had 5 IVFs, but they all weren't successful. And after the last failed attempt I've been diagnosed with thin endometrium, so IVF is no longer an option to me. I'm desperate! I really want to have a child! My husband proposed surrogacy, but I just don't know... Did anybody here had this experience? If yes, could you please share your story? I would really appreciate it! Thank you all in advance for your help and your time!!

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Hey hunny I'm sorry that it hasn't worked out for you, I myself have had two failed IUIs and two failed ivf. Could I please ask how you got your diagnose of thin endronetrum? Xx


My doc decided to check it once again after the 5th failure and a transvaginal ultrasound showed it. She said it could be caused by Clomid and two miscarriages.

Hope my experience will help you. I wish you a happy ending in your fertility journey!


Hannah you have been through a lot!!!!!! You sound extremely determined. Do you have good eggs and egg reserve? And your partner good sperm? I think a surrogate would be the perfect solution - your own baby 100% just using a very generous lady's body to help it grow x

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Thank you for support, dear Scarlett! I hope with all my heart that surrogacy will help me to have my own child at last... My hubby's sperm is good, but my eggs are of medium quality :( And my reserve is also not so good... So I'm holding the process, because I really need some advice on surrogacy based on my fertility data. Also, other ladies similar experience in surrogacy would be priceless. It's a costly process and I want to be sure it'll work. And it would be great to know that all my hopes will not get smashed up again...

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